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Oracle Network Architecture

Chapter 13

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Oracle Network Architecture

Oracle Network Architecture

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In Oracle Network Architecture, the systems administration segments are the suite of Oracle Net Services that contribute enterprise-wide availability arrangements in dispersed and heterogeneous processing environments. The system session will be contained in Oracle Net Services to empower a occurrence of a database to an operation and a database instance to another database instance case.

Centralized set-ups, management and configuration, quick installation, transparency and control administration will be provided by Oracle Net Services. It also enhance the execution and maximize frame work resources. The number of users simultaneously connected to the database and expansion in scalability will be shared by Oracle Network Architecture. The Virtual Interface convention puts the vast majority of the informing trouble on fast system equipment, liberating the CPU.

Configuration Oracle Network Architecture

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A user is any application that associate with Oracle Database to send or recover information. An Oracle Database user application can live on any PC that has Oracle Database user oracle installed.

Oracle Net is a product layer that dwells on the user PC and on the Oracle Database host PC. It sets up and keeps up the association between the database and the user application over a system, and trades messages between them utilizing industry standard conventions.

For a database and user application to communicate, the database must gives a distinguishing proof and the user application must have the capacity to recognize the database it needs to associate with it. One can utilize the database with it’s administration name. An administrative name is consistent representation of a database, which is the way a database is displayed to the user. A solitary database can be introduced as numerous administrations and contain the following stages.

Tools for Network Configuration

Oracle Database empowers to deal with your system arrangement with the accompanying instruments:

Client Connections

The accompanying areas portray the components included in client associations with the database:

  • Associate Descriptors – The client utilizes an associate descriptor to indicate the database to which it wants to interface.
  • Association Requests – Clients start an association demand by giving an interface string. An interface string incorporates a client name and watchword, and an associate identifier.
  • Naming Methods – A naming strategy is a determination technique utilized by a user application to determine an interface identifier to an associate descriptor when endeavoring to associate with a database administration.

Oracle Net Listener Configuration

On the database host, the Oracle Net listener, is a procedure that listens for user association depends. It get approaching user associations requests and deals with the activity of these solicitations to the database server.

Oracle Net Services

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Oracle Net Services gives venture wide availability arrangements in dispersed, heterogeneous processing situations. Oracle Net Services facilitate the complexities of system arrangements administrations, boot execution and enhance system analytic capacities.

This segment presents the fundamentals system administrations ideas included in a common system design. The subject include:

Oracle Net Listener

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Oracle Net Listener is a server-side process that manages traffic to the database and listens for the approaching client connection requests and Oracle Net Listener is also called as Listeners. At that point, when the instance contacts a listener and establishes a communication pathway to this instance amid the instance get started and the service handlers cannot handle these kind of problems.

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By the following steps through which a user set-up a connection for listener are:

  • For diverse assistance handler the user process will be directly connected. For this conversation, the listener is no longer involved.
  • A end user process or another database asks for an association.
  • To service the client request appropriate service handlers will be selected by the listeners so as to forwards the request to the handler.

Configuration Listener.ORA

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This configuration LISTENER.ORA contains by default LISTENERS FILES and LISTENER.ORA files located in the database. Such as follows:

  • %ORACLE_HOME%\Network\Admin
  • Set %TNS_ADMIN%envirnoment variables.

The listener file contains the name of the listener, protocol assures that the listener is accepting request and the database services.

Managing the Listener

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For managing the listener the following operation are performed.

  • The default listener name is Listener – It contain basic syntax Isnrctl command listenername.
  • Managing the listener perform most common commands – stop, stop and reload
  • And perform security enhancement ideas such as renaming the listener, protecting the password of listener and configuration alternate port for oracle.


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  • Oracle Network Architecture – Is a suite of Oracle net services in the database.
  • Configuration Oracle Network Architecture – Configuration of client/user databases.
  • Oracle Net Services – Provide a platform for both client/server databases.
  • Configuration Listener.ORA – By default listener files.
  • Managing the Listener – Provides command line and authentications to user.