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PL/SQL Environment

Chapter 4

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PL/SQL Environment

PL/SQL Environment

shape Introduction

The PLSQL Installation process is similar to that of the Oracle 12C Installation. It can  be performed on Windows 8-64 bit OS. One can download the set-up files from

The following steps describe the installation process of PL/SQL in Windows operating System:

shape Step - 1

Open on the browser and, click the Download button.

shape Step - 2

Click on Downloads, and select the Oracle Database.

shape Step - 3

Select the check box Accept the licence agreement.

shape Step - 4

In enterprise edition, download Microsoft window x64 (64-bits) File-1 and File-2.

shape Step - 5

Select the check box Accept the licence agreement.

shape Step - 6

Download both the Oracle database zip-files.

shape Step -7

Extract zip files in folders.

shape Step - 8

Click the Setup button and Run as administrator.

shape Step-9

The Setup file will run like below.

shape Step-10

Oracle 12C Installation process is gathering the system details.

shape Step - 11

Uncheck the box “I wish to receive security updates via My Oracle support” if not required and click on the Next button.

shape Step - 12

Click on the Yes button.

shape Step - 13

Select the check box Use Windows Built-in Account and click on the Next button.

shape Step - 14

Click on the Install button.

shape Step - 15

Oracle Database is installing the products.

shape Step -16

Configuration of the Database assistants can be done as below.

shape Step - 17

Click on the OK button for password management.

shape Step -18

The installation process of Oracle database is successfully completed.

shape Step - 19

To check whether the PLSQL Environment process is successful and complete, go to SQL Plus Command line and enter the user name & password, which was given during the installation process.


shape Key Points

PLSQL Environment chapter draws out following main points.

  • PL/SQL stands for procedural oriented language.
  • PL/SQL installation process is similar to that of oracle 12C installation.
  • PL/SQL supports windows server 2012, window server 2008 R2, windows-8 and Windows-7.
  • Oracle 12c supports windows 64-bit environment and doesn’t support 32-bit operating system.