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PostgreSQL Drop Table

Chapter 9

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PostgreSQL Drop Table

PostgreSQL Drop Table

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The PostgreSQL Drop Table can be dropped by using the pgAdmin3. And these pgAdmin is a graphical interface, that provides the user to easily understand and  to access the database features conveniently. PostgreSQL allows a clients for executing multiple number of action based on the given code, that contains exchanging multiples externally beyond the code source. These are additionally contain the necessity which are related to the copyright that display in each and every software that are duplicated. The PostgreSQL DROP TABLE statement is used to drop a table definition and all associated data like triggers, indexes, rules and constraints for that table.

PostgreSQL Drop Table Database

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By viewing the below steps of PostgreSQL Drop Table, the concept of dropping a table from the postgreSQL database can be easily understand.

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In postgreSQL, a database by name SQLDB has been created as shown below.

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In SQLDB database a table  by name student has been created as shown below.

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The student table contain the column name like student_id,student_Name and course as shown below.

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Right click on table name student and select Delete/Drop option as shown below.

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Click on Yes button as shown below.

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The table student has been successfully dropped from the SQLDB database as shown below.


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  • PostgreSQL Dropping a table – Here the entire table will be dropped from the database.
  • PostgreSQL Dropping a table – Can also be performed in command prompt.