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RBI Grade B General Practice Test

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RBI Grade B General Practice Test

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The RBI Grade B Selection Process for General Post involves two phases: Phase I and Phase II followed by an Interview. Candidates who will clear the Phase I will proceed to the Phase II. Candidates will have to qualify for the Phase II to proceed to the final stage of the selection procedure.RBI Grade B General Practice & Mock Test section allows candidates to practice the learned material to ensure the candidate understands the pattern of the exam and the expected questions that would appear in the actual test.

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RBI Grade B (DR) General – Phase-I (200 marks):

Phase I will comprise a single Paper for 200 marks consisting of 4 Sections as follows. A composite time of 120 minutes will be given for answering.

S.No. Name of the Test Duration
1 General Awareness 120 Minutes
2 English Language
3 Quantitative Aptitude
4 Reasoning

RBI Grade B (DR) General – Phase-II (300 marks):
The Phase-II online Examination will be conducted only for the candidates who are shortlisted on the basis of results of Phase-I. The Phase-II examination will be in shifts. Candidates are required to appear for all shifts. Phase–II online examination will consist of three papers as under:

Name of Paper Type of Paper Time (Minutes) Marks
Economic and Social Issues
Objective Type 90 100
Paper II:
English (Writing Skills)
Descriptive, to be typed with the
help of the keyboard
90 100
Finance and Management
Objective type 90 100

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[Click Here] for RBI Grade B General Syllabus

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General Awareness

Q1. Which among the following rates is not the policy rate of RBI?

    (a) Repo Rate
    (b) Reverse Repo Rate
    (c) Bank Rate
    (d) Marginal Standing Facility Rate
    (e) Cash Reserve Ratio

Answer: e

Q2. Kavinder Singh, Satish Kumar related to sports?

    (a) Hockey
    (b) Kabbadi
    (c) Wrestling
    (d) Boxing
    (e) Weightlifting

Answer: d

English Language

1. Directions: Choose a word to be fitted in both the sentences

The ————-of the bus was arrested two days after the incident.
Women’s safety was the key ———– behind the big push for sanitation in the villages.

    A. Passenger
    B. Trainer
    C. Issue
    D. Owner
    E. Driver

Answer: E

2. Directions: In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.

    A. Convert
    B. Condense
    C. Congest
    D. Conclude

Answer: B

Quantitative Aptitude

1. Percentage
Three papers were set in an examination and the maximum marks per were in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 2, respectively. If a student obtained 50% in the first paper, 60% in the second, and 65% in the third, what percent did he obtain overall?

    (a) 58.3%
    (b) 66.66%
    (c) 33.33%
    (d) 60%
    (e) None of these

Answer: d

2. Number Series
2 11 38 197 1172 8227 65806

    (a) 11
    (b) 38
    (c) 197
    (d) 1172
    (e) 8227

Answer: e


1. Blood Relations
Pointing to a girl in the photograph, Amar said, “Her mother’s brother is the only son of my mother’s father.” How is the girl’s mother related to Amar?

    (a) Mother
    (b) Sister
    (c) Aunt
    (d) Grandmother
    (e) None of these

Answer: c

2. Coding & Decoding
In a certain code language ‘level of environment pollution ’ is written as ‘la na ka ta’, ‘cause of the factories’ is written as ‘di re sa la’, ‘the pollution level in city’ is written as ‘ka na di zo fi’ and ‘factories inside the city’ is written as ‘ha di fi re’.
What is the code for ‘environment’?

    (a) ka
    (b) ta
    (c) fi
    (d) na
    (e) None of these

Answer: b

Paper I – Economic and social Issues:

1. A general increase in the prices of goods and services in an economy is known as:

    A. Deflation
    B. Inflation
    C. Disinflation
    D. Hyperinflation
    E. None of the Above

Answer: Option B

2. The total sum of the goods and services produced in a country in a year, minus depreciation is called as:

    A. Gross domestic product
    B. Gross National Product
    C. Gross National Income
    D. Net Domestic Product
    E. Net National Product

Answer: D

Paper II – English (Writing Skills):

The paper on English shall be framed in a manner to assess the writing skills including expression and understanding of the topic.

Paper III – Finance and Management:

1. Commercial banking system in India is

    A. Unit Banking
    B. Branch Banking
    C. Mixed banking
    D. None

Answer: Option C

2. The first bank established in India was

    A. Traders Bank
    B. State Bank of India
    C. Bank of Hindustan
    D. Punjab National Bank

Answer: Option C

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For RBI Grade B General Practice Test: [Click Here]

For RBI Grade B General Mock Test: [Click Here]

shape Tips

Candidates can crack the exam only with the right approach and correct strategy.

✦ Tip – 1: Go through the syllabus and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

✦ Tip – 2: Go through the exam pattern and allocate time to each section. Beware of negative marking during the exam.

✦ Tip – 3: Solve a few Mock Test papers and analyse your mistakes and weaknesses.

✦ Tip – 4: Divide your attention between every section.

✦ Tip – 5: Go through your notes and important questions. Write down every formula and rule in your syllabus.

✦ Tip – 6: Be prepared with everything.

✦ Tip – 7: Maintain a peaceful environment and confidence.

✦ Tip – 8: Get enough sleep and good food.