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RBI Grade B PWBD Instructions

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RBI Grade B PWBD Instructions

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Under section 34 of “The Rights of Persons with Benchmark Disabilities Act, 2016”, persons with benchmark disabilities are eligible for Reservation. The reserved categories of disabilities mentioned under this Act are namely:

  • Blindness and low vision;
  • Deaf and hard of hearing;
  • Locomotor disability including cerebral palsy. leprosy cured, dwarfism, acid attack victims and muscular dystrophy;
  • Autism, intellectual disability, specific learning disability and mental illness;
  • Multiple disabilities from amongst persons under clauses (a) to (d) including deaf-blindness in the posts identified for each disabilities.

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PWBD Instructions – Reservation for Persons with Benchmark Disability

(1) The Bank has identified the following posts as suitable for each category of Persons with Benchmark Disability along with the Physical Requirements and Functional Classifications. Only following categories of PwBD candidates are therefore eligible to apply for the posts.

Name of Post Categories for
which identified
Physical Requirements**
Officer in
Gr ‘B’ –
General /
Blindness and low
B BN, C, H, KC, L, MF, PP, RW
(in Braille/software), S, ST, W
LV BN, C, H, KC, L, MF, PP,
RW, S, ST, W
Deaf and hard of
D, HH BN, C, KC, L, MF, PP, RW,
S, SE, ST, W
Locomotor disability
including Cerebral
Palsy, Leprosy Cured,
Dwarfism, Acid Attack Victims
and Muscular Dystrophy
OA, OL, Cerebral Palsy,
Leprosy Cured, Dwarfism,
Acid Attack Victims
BN, C, KC, L,H, MF,PP, RW,
S, SE, ST, W
BL C, H, L, MF,PP, RW, S, SE
Muscular Dystrophy C, H, MF,RW, SE, S
Multiple disabilities OA, OL, Cerebral Palsy,
Leprosy Cured, Dwarfism,
Acid Attack Victims and

(i) blind / low vision


(ii) deaf / hard of hearing
BN, C, KC, L, MF, PP, S, ST,

RW (in Braille / software) and
H or RW and SE (as applicable

* Functional classification: OA-One Arm, OL-One Leg, BL-Both Legs but not arms, B-Blindness, LVLow Vision, D-Deaf and HH-Hard of Hearing.

** Physical Requirements: BN-Bending, C-Communication, H-Hearing/Speaking, KC-Kneeling & Crouching, L-Lifting, MF-Manipulation by Finger, PP-Pushing & Pulling, RW-Reading & Writing, SSitting, SE-Seeing, ST-Standing and W-Walking.

(2) PwBD candidates may belong to any category (i.e. General/SC/ST/OBC). Reservation for PwBD is horizontal and within the overall vacancies for the posts subject to the posts having been identified suitable for such disabilities.

(3) PwBD candidates should possess a latest disability certificate issued by a Competent Authority as prescribed vide The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016 (RPWD Act, 2016). Such certificate shall be subject to verification/re-verification as may be decided by the Board/ competent authority.

(4) Within the overall notified total vacancies, PwBD candidates belonging to any category of disability will be considered for selection, subject to their suitability, over and above the vacancies notified for PwBD in this advertisement, in order to clear the backlog of PwBD vacancies.

(5) Backlog vacancies reserved for PwBD would be filled by a person with benchmark disability in the respective category. If no suitable person from that category is available such backlog vacancies would be filled up by interchange among other eligible PwBD candidates subject to the posts having been identified suitable for such disabilities.

(6) Use of Scribe & Compensatory time: At the time of online/written examination, only those PwBD candidates (who have disability of 40% or more) who have physical limitation in typing/writing, including that of speed would be allowed the facility to use the service of a scribe. In all such cases where a scribe is used, the following rules will apply:

    A. The candidate will have to arrange his/her own scribe/writer at his/her own cost.

    B. Both the candidate as well as the scribe will have to give a suitable undertaking, in the prescribed format with passport size photograph of the scribe at the time of examination.

    C. PwBD candidates who have physical limitation to type/write including that of speed shall be allowed compensatory time of 20 minutes per hour of the examination whether availing the facility of scribe or not.

    D. Any candidate who is using scribe should ensure that he is eligible to use scribe in the examination as per the above guidelines. Any candidate using scribe in violation of the above guidelines shall stand disqualified and can be removed from service without notice, if has already joined the Bank.

(7) Detailed instructions for PwBD candidates regarding availing services of scribe and allotment of extra/compensatory time will be made available on Bank’s website (www.rbi.org.in) at the time of uploading of Admission Letters for Phase-I & Phase-II examinations.