RPF SI Arithmetic

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RPF SI Arithmetic

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RPF SI Computer Based Test (CBT) will consist of Objective Tests for 120 marks which will be conducted online. The exam duration is 90 Minutes. The Computer Based Test has 120 questions, so RPF SI Computer Based Test (CBT) can be spread over 3 sections – General Awareness, Arithmetic, General Intelligence and Reasoning. There is a Negative marking in RPF SI CBT test and 0.33 marks are deducted for each wrong answer.

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S.No. Test No. of Questions Max. Marks Duration
1 General Awareness 50 50 90 Minutes
2 Arithmetic 35 35
3 General Intelligence & Reasoning 35 35
Total 120 120

The RPF SI Arithmetic section, has a total of 35 questions with a maximum of 35 marks. Below mentioned are the different categories of expected questions in the Arithmetic Section of RPF SI Computer Based Test (CBT).

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RPF SI Arithmetic – Syllabus:

Questions on Number systems, whole numbers, decimal and fractions and relationships between numbers, fundamental arithmetical operations, percentages, averages, interest, profit and loss, discount, use of table and graphs, mensuration, time and distance, ratio and proportion etc.

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1. Find the area of trapezium whose parallel sides are 20 cm and 18 cm long, and the distance between them is 15 cm.

    A. 225 \(cm^2\)
    B. 275 \(cm^2\)
    C. 285 \(cm^2\)
    D. 315 \(cm^2\)
    E. None of these

Answer: Option C

2. A mixture contains alcohol and water in the ratio 4 : 3. If 5 liters of water is added to the mixture, the ratio becomes 4: 5. Find the quantity of alcohol in the given mixture.

    A. 10
    B. 12
    C. 15
    D. 18

Answer: Option A

3. Walking at the rate of 4 kmph a man cover certain distance in 2 hr 45 min. Running at a speed of 16.5 kmph the man will cover the same distance in.

    A. 12 min
    B. 25 min
    C. 40 min
    D. 60 min

Answer: Option C

4. A trader mixes 26 kg of rice at Rs. 20 per kg with 30 kg of rice of other variety at Rs. 36 per kg and sells the mixture at Rs. 30 per kg. His profit percent is:

    A. No profit, no loss
    B. 5%
    C. 8%
    D. 10%

Answer: Option B

5. The percentage profit earned by selling an article for Rs. 1920 is equal to the percentage loss incurred by selling the same article for Rs. 1280. At what price should the article be sold to make 25% profit?

    A. Rs. 2000
    B. Rs. 2200
    C. Rs. 2400
    D. Data inadequate

Answer: Option A

6. The product of 4 consecutive even numbers is always divisible by:

    A. 600
    B. 768
    C. 864
    D. 384

Answer: Option D

7. What least number must be added to 1056, so that the sum is completely divisible by 23?

    A. 2
    B. 3
    C. 18
    D. 21

Answer: Option A

8. 7212 + 15.231 – ? = 6879

    A. 359.022
    B. 362.02
    C. 328.221
    D. 348.231

Answer: Option D

9. A number of friends decided to go on a picnic and planned to spend Rs. 96 on eatables. Four of them, however, did not turn up. As a consequence, the remaining ones had to contribute Rs. 4 each extra. The number of those who attended the picnic was

    A. 8
    B. 12
    C. 16
    D. 24

Answer: Option A

10. The present worth of Rs.1404 due in two equal half-yearly installments at 8% per annum. Simple interest is:

    A. 1320
    B. 1300
    C. 1325
    D. 1200

Answer: Option C