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RRC Group D General Instructions

Chapter 9

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RRC Group D General Instructions

shape Introduction

RRC Group D General Instructions are provided to familiarize the candidates with the different policies and regulations of the Examination, Examination center and in general about the Do’s and Dont’s in the recruitment process. This chapter covers the instructions pertaining to but not limited to: what kind of stationery items to be carried inside the examination hall, particulars to be noted, during the examination, end of the examination, proof of identity to be submitted, action against guilty of misconduct found.

shape Instructions

  • Admission to all stages of recruitment process shall be purely provisional, subject to the candidate satisfying the prescribed eligibility conditions.

  • Mere issue of e-Call letter to the candidates will NOT imply that their candidature has been finally accepted by the RRB/RRC.

  • RRBs/RRCs conduct verification of eligibility conditions with reference to original documents only after the candidates have qualified in all the stages of examinations and are shortlisted for Document Verification. RRBs/RRCs may reject the candidature of any applicant at any stage of recruitment process in case the candidate is found to be not fulfilling the requisite criteria and if appointed, such a candidate is liable to be removed from service summarily.

  • Before applying for the post(s) against this notification, candidates should satisfy themselves that they fulfill all the eligibility norms including age, educational qualification(s) and medical standard (s). Candidates should ensure that they have requisite educational / technical qualifications from recognized Board / University / Institute as on the closing date for online registration i.e. 12.04.2019. Those awaiting results of the final examination for the prescribed qualification are not eligible and hence should not apply.

  • Applications of candidates who are attempting to apply with minor changes of information and /or facts to more than one RRB/RRC and/or multiple applications to the same RRB/RRC will be summarily rejected and such candidates will be debarred from all future examinations of RRB and RRC.

  • Candidates who have been debarred by any RRB/RRC either for life or for a specified period which is not yet completed, should NOT apply for this notification. Their candidature will be rejected during any stage of recruitment as and when detected.

  • Candidates should enter their Name, Father’s Name and Date of Birth as recorded in the SSLC/Matriculation/High School Examination Certificate or an equivalent Certificate ONLY.

  • In cases of name change, candidates should indicate their changed Name only in the ONLINE application. However, other details should match with the Matriculation or Equivalent certificate. Date of such change should be prior to the date of registration of ONLINE application.

  • Gazette Notification or any other legal document as applicable for such cases should be submitted at the time of Document Verification (DV).

  • Signatures of the candidates on all documents should be identical in all stages of recruitment process and must be in running hand and not in block/capital or CENTRALISED. Signatures in different style at the time of CBT, Computer based Aptitude Test, Typing Skill Test, Document Verification, Medical examination etc. may result in cancellation of candidature.

  • Dates of examinations will also be published on the websites of participating RRBs/RRCs. The e-call letters for CBTs, Computer based Aptitude Test, Typing Skill Test and document verification (as applicable) should be downloaded ONLY from websites of the Railway Recruitment Boards concerned. No call letter will be sent by post. The CBT Centre, date and shift indicated in the e-call letter shall be final.

  • RRBs/RRCs reserve the right to introduce additional CBTs / Typing Skill Test/ Aptitude Test and/or additional document verification etc., without assigning any reason.

  • Vacancies indicated in this CEN are provisional and may undergo any change (increase/decrease) or even become NIL in total or in specific Railways / Units / Communities / Posts at a later stage depending upon the actual needs of the Railway Administration. Also, additional posts if required by the Railway(s) may also be included at later stage.

  • The Railway Administration also reserves the right to cancel the notified vacancies at any stage at its discretion and such decision will be final and binding on all. In the event of cancellation of notified vacancies, the examination fee paid by the candidates will not be refunded except for candidates who have attended the 1st Stage CBT.

  • Preference for Post(s) and/or Railway(s) / Unit(s):

    • The options from the candidates for various posts for which they are eligible in the opted RRB/RRC, shall be taken during submission of ONLINE applications.

    • On completion of all stages of recruitment process, RRBs/RRCs will allot Post & Railway/Unit as per the option of the eligible candidates ONLY subject to merit, medical standard and vacancy position. Once candidates have been empanelled as per their merit/choice, they will forfeit the right to be considered for any other post/category within the same level of 7th CPC.

    • Candidates with partial option will be considered only for the specific categories opted by them. In case, no option is given for certain posts, it would be considered as their unwillingness for the same.

    • However, RRBs/RRCs also reserve the right to allot Post/Railway/Unit not opted by the candidates, if considered necessary in administrative interest, subject to the candidate (s) meeting the requirements of the post allotted.

    • In case of shortfall in empanelment of candidates or other exigencies, RRB/RRC reserves the right to utilize the extra list of candidates (standby list), if required, as per the merit and option of the candidates.
      Selection by RRB/RRC does not confer upon candidates any right of appointment in the Railways. The function of the RRB/RRC is to recommend names of suitable candidates to the concerned authorities of the Zonal Railway/Production Unit who in turn will issue the offer of appointment letter subject to availability of vacancies and candidates satisfying all eligibility criteria including antecedents and character.

  • Selected candidates will have to undergo training, wherever prescribed, and during training period, only stipend will be paid as applicable.

  • Selected candidates will have to execute Surety and/or Indemnity Bond wherever necessary at the time of joining in Railways.

  • Ordinarily, a Railway servant shall be employed throughout his/her service on the Railway or Railway establishment to which he/she is posted on first appointment and shall have no claim as a right for transfer to another railway or another establishment. In the exigencies of service, however, it shall be open to the Competent Authority to transfer the Railway servant to any other department or Railway or Railway establishment including a project in or out of India.

  • Selected candidates who are finally appointed are liable for active service in Railway Engineers’ Unit of Territorial Army.

  • Free Sleeper Class Railway Pass is admissible to SC/ST candidates only. SC/ST candidates who wish to avail free travel authority will have to indicate Yes‘in the relevant column in the ONLINE application and upload valid caste certificate. For such candidates, free Sleeper Class Railway Pass will be a part of e-call letter when they are called for various stages of recruitment viz. CBT, Computer based Aptitude Test, Typing Skill Test, document verification etc. as per the details furnished and uploaded in ONLINE application. It is the responsibility of the candidates availing free travel authority to give the correct name of the Railway Station in online application, failing which their travel authority may not be valid for travel and obtaining reservation.

  • At the time of obtaining reservation and traveling, the Reservation Clerk and/or Ticket Checking Staff will ask for the original SC/ST community certificate for verification of genuineness of the candidate. Any attempt to misuse this travelling authority shall lead to rejection of candidature at any stage of the recruitment process and debarment for future examinations conducted by RRBs/RRCs.

  • RRBs/RRCs reserve the right to incorporate any subsequent changes / modifications / additions in the terms & conditions of recruitment under this CEN as necessitated and applicable.

  • RRBs/RRCs may share, with the consent of the candidates, the scores obtained by them in RRB/RRC exams with other Ministries/Departments/PSUs and Private Organizations, for recruitment in their organizations. Candidates may give their consent for the same or otherwise while filling the ONLINE application.

  • Any stationery item like textual material (printed or written), pens/ Pencils, bits of papers, Geometry/ Pencil Box, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Scale, Writing Pad, Pen Drives, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner.

  • Any communication device like Mobile Phone, Bluetooth, Earphones, Microphone, Pager, Health Band etc.

  • Other items like Goggles, Handbags, Hairpin, Hairband, Belt, Cap, Any watch/Wrist Watch, Camera, Any metallic item, Any eatable item opened or packed, water bottle.

  • Any other item which could be used for unfair means for hiding communication devices like camera, blue tooth devices etc.

  • Please note carefully your Roll Number, date, time and venue for the examination given.

  • Please do not bring any valuable belongings except the essential materials required for the examinations.

  • Students should report at the centre

  • Do not leave your seat unless you are allowed.

  • Candidates should be present at the examination hall at least 30 minutes prior to reporting time.

  • Candidates arriving late will not be permitted to enter the Examination Hall.

  • You should scrupulously follow the instructions given by test administrators and the invigilators at all the stages of the examination for which you have been called.

  • If you violate the instructions you will be disqualified and may also be asked to leave the examination hall.

  • No calculator separate or with watch is allowed inside the examination hall.

  • No Cell phones will be allowed inside the examination hall.

  • No books, slide rulers, note books or written notes will be allowed inside the examination hall.

  • You should do all the necessary rough work on sheet provided only. After the online test is over, you should hand over the sheet, given for rough work to the invigilator.

  • Any candidate who does not return the above material or is found to attempt to take or pass on the questions or answers inside or outside the examination hall will be disqualified and the organisation may take further action against him as per rules of the RRB/RRC.

shape Guide

1. Specifications for Photograph

    a. It should be a Colour Passport Photograph with white/light color back ground.

    b. It should be of size 35mm X 45mm or 320 x 240 pixels.

    c. It should be in JPG/JPEG format scanned with 100 DPI resolution.

    d. The size of the photograph should be between 20-50KB.

    e. The color photograph must have been taken on or after 01-10-2018 in a professional studio.

    f. The photo should have clear front view of the candidate without cap and sunglasses.

    g. The face should occupy at least 50% of the area of the photograph with a full face view looking at the camera directly.

    h. The main features of the face must not be covered by hair of the head any cloth or any shadow.

    i. Fore head, eyes, nose and chin should be clearly visible.

    j. In case the candidate wears glasses, then the photograph should not have any glare/ reflections on glasses and eyes should be clearly visible.

    k.The Photograph must match with the candidate appearance on the days of CBT and DV.

    l. PwBD candidates should also upload passport photograph as per above specifications only and not the full body photograph used in the disability certificate.

    m. Candidates are advised to keep at least 12 (Twelve) copies of the same photograph for further use as and when required during the recruitment process.

2. Select upload Signature Tab and upload your Scanned Signature. The signature image should comply with the following specifications.

3. Specification for Signature Image:

    a. The applicant has to sign on white paper with Black Ink pen with in a box of size 50mm x 20mm.

    b. Signature must be in running letters and NOT IN BLOCK LETTERS.

    c. The image should be in JPG/JPEG format scanned with 100 DPI resolution.

    d. Dimensions of 50mm x 20mm or 140 x60 pixels (preferred).

    e. Size of file should be between 10KB —40KB.

4. Scanning and Resizing of the Photograph and Signature:

    a. Set the scanner resolution to a minimum of 100 dpi (dots per inch).

    b. Set Color to True Color. File Size as specified above.

    c. Crop the image in the scanner to the edge of the photograph/ signature, then use the upload editor to crop the image to the final size (as specified above).

    d. The image file should be in JPG or JPEG format. An example file name is: image01.jpg or image01.jpeg.

    e. Image dimensions can be checked by listing the folder files or moving the mouse over the file image icon. Candidates can easily obtain photo and signature in .jpeg format not exceeding 50KB & 40KB respectively by using MS Paint or MS Office Picture Manager.

    f. Scanned photograph and signature in any format can be saved in .jpg format by using ‘Save As’ option in the File menu and size can be reduced below 50KB (photograph) & 40KB (signature) by using crop and then resize option in the ‘Image’ menu. Similar options are available in other photo editors also.

5. SC/ ST Certificate Upload:

Candidates belonging to SC/ ST Community who have opted to avail Free Rail Travel, have to upload scanned copy of their SC/ ST Certificates (JPG/ JPEG format, 50KB – 100KB) also for availing the facility of Free Travel Authority (Second Class Railway Pass).

6. Submission of Application:

In the end candidates have to confirm the declaration “I hereby declare that I have gone through the eligibility criteria for the post(s) applied for and meet all the requirements therein, that all the details furnished by me in the application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge & belief and nothing has been concealed or suppressed. I also understand that in case, any of the details furnished is found untrue during any stage of recruitment or thereafter RRB shall disqualify me for the post(s) applied for and /or I shall be liable for any other action under the extant rules”.

After confirming the above declaration and submission of the application, the candidate may save the file as “PDF” and/ or take print of the application and preserve it for reference and record.

shape At Center

  • You are not allowed to communicate by word of mouth or otherwise with other candidates (this includes the time when answer scripts are being collected).

  • Please raise your hand if you wish to communicate with an invigilator.

  • Unless granted permission by an invigilator, you are not allowed to leave your seat.

  • Once you have entered the examination hall, you will not be allowed to leave the hall until one hour after the examination has commenced.

  • If, for any reason, you are given permission to leave the hall temporarily, you must be accompanied by an invigilator throughout your absence from the examination hall. You are required to leave your handphone on your desk when you leave the hall temporarily.

  • Solutions or any other materials written on the blank pages will not be counted.

  • Do not write on, mark, highlight or deface any reference materials provided for the examination. If found doing so, the reference materials will be removed from your use for the rest of the examination and you will be made to pay for the cost of the materials that have to be replaced.

  • You are NOT allowed to leave the examination hall during the last 15 minutes of the examination. All candidates must remain seated throughout this period for invigilators to properly account for all answer scripts to be collected.

  • No papers, used or unused, may be removed from the examination hall.

  • You are to stay in the examination hall until the Chief Invigilator has given the permission to leave. Do NOT talk until you are outside of the examination hall.

  • You are responsible to ensure that your answer scripts are submitted at the end of the examination. If you are present for the examination and do not submit your answer script, you will be deemed to have sat for and failed the examination concerned. Any unauthorised removal of answer script or part of answer script from the examination hall would deem the answer script as null and void.

  • Once dismissed, you should leave the examination hall quickly and quietly, and remember to take your personal belongings with you.

The candidates must bring one photo identity proof such as passport/ Aadhar/ PAN Card/ Driving Licence/ Voter’s Card/ Bank Passbook with duly attested Photograph/ Identity Card issued by School or College/ Gazetted Officer in the official letter head in original as well as a self-attested Photocopy thereof. The photocopy of Identity proof should be submitted along with call letter to the invigilators in the examination hall, failing which or if identity of candidates is in doubt the candidate will not be permitted to appear for the test.
✶ Any candidate found using unfair means of any kind in the examination, sending someone else in his/her place to appear in the examination, attempt to impersonate will be debarred from appearing in all the examinations of all the RRBs/RRCs for lifetime. He/ she will also be debarred from getting any appointment in the Railways and if already appointed, will be dismissed from service. Such candidates are also liable for legal prosecution.

✶ Furnishing of any false information to the RRB or deliberate suppression of any information at any stage will render the candidate disqualified and debarred from appearing at any selection or examination for appointment on the Railways or to any other Government service and if appointed the service of such candidate is liable to be terminated.

✶ Candidates found submitting forged/fake certificates/documents of any kind for securing eligibility and/or obtaining privileges, including free travel for appearing in the examination shall lead to rejection of their candidature for the particular recruitment for which he/she has applied. Further, he/she will also be debarred from all examinations conducted by all RRBs/RRCs all over the country for a period of 2 years/for life as deemed fit and legal action will be initiated, if warranted.

✶ Candidate shall not bring in or attempt to bring in any political or other influence to further his/her interest in respect of the recruitment. Candidature of such candidates is liable to be rejected.

  • RRBs/RRCs reserve the right to conduct additional CBT/ DV (as applicable) at any stage without assigning any reason.

    RRBs/RRCs also reserve the right to cancel any part or whole of the recruitment process at any stage for any or all of the categories notified in this CEN without assigning any reason thereof.

  • The decision of RRBs/RRCs in all matters relating to eligibility, acceptance or rejection of ONLINE applications, issue of free Rail Passes, penal action for false information, modification of vacancies, mode of selection, conduct of CBT, allotment of examination centers, selection, allotment of posts to selected candidates etc., will be final and binding on the candidates and no enquiry or correspondence will be entertained by the RRBs in this regard.

  • RRBs/RRCs will not be responsible for any inadvertent errors and reserves right to correct such errors.

  • Any legal issues arising out of this CEN shall fall within the legal jurisdiction of respective Central Administrative Tribunals under which the RRB chosen by the candidate is located.

  • In the event of any dispute about interpretation, the English version of the CEN as published in RRB/RRC websites will be treated as final.