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RRC Group D Posts Job Profile

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RRC Group D Posts Job Profile

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The RRC Group D Posts Job Profile differs as per the hierarchy level of different railway departments. Below are the major roles and responsibilities performed under RRB Group D Level 1 Posts in different railway departments.

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RRB/RRC Level 1 Group D Posts Job Profile:

S.No Name of the post Department Job Profile
1 Assistant (Workshop) Mechanical 1. Assistant (workshop) is posted in a carriage and wagon workshop.

2. Ensures the security and maintenance of coaches.

3. Preventive and breakdown maintenances of coaches and
wagons take place in the workshop department.

4. A section (eg: a Wheel shop, Bogie
shop, Furnish shop etc) is allotted to Assistant workshop).

2 Assistant Bridge Engineering 1. To assist the seniors in the construction of
new bridges under railway authority.

2. Ensure the availability of materials required
in proper quantity and quality and act as a
helping hand in designing the overall construction.

3 Assistant C&W
(Carriage and Wagon)
Mechanical 1. Trip schedule Maintenance

2. Addressing the issues of BPC
(Brake Power Certificate)

3. Pit line Maintenance

4. Intermediate Overhaul Maintenance

5. ART (Accident Relief Train) Maintenance

4 Assistant Depot
Stores 1. Procurement and supply of components to major mechanical,
electrical, signal and telecom workshops for maintenance of coaches, wagons.

2. Assistant (Depot) also supplies spare parts to major diesel
and electric locomotive sheds.

5 Assistant Loco
Shed (Diesel)
Mechanical Taking care of the overhauling of diesel locomotives.
6 Assistant Loco
Shed (Electrical)
Electrical The electrical SSE in electrical is responsible for working
on the TRS sheds engaged in overhauling and assembly level
maintenance of 25KV AC electric Locos in electrical loco sheds.
7 Assistant Operations
Electrical 1. Ensures electrical supply and assists the operation manager.

2. Under the supervision of a senior engineer, he does the
maintenance of electrical appliances of the train and station.

8 Assistant Pointsman Traffic 1. To handle switches or railroad points

2. To control the lever to direct the train to the required tracks

9 Assistant Signal
& Telecom
Signal and Telecommunication
(S and T)
1. Works under the supervision of the senior officer.

2. To provide signals to the trains as per the situations.

3. Part of the panel interlocking system. 4. Also hands
over the token to the driver after granting line
clearance to enter the block section.

10 Assistant Track Machine Engineering 1. Repairs the machines under the supervision of seniors.

2. Also ensures the availability of tools/ gadgets
required for the effective working of the track machine.

11 Assistant TL & AC
(Train Lights & AC)
Electrical 1. To look over the TL & AC (Train Lights and AC).

2. To look over the proper functioning of train’s
electrical appliances and connections eg: proper
functioning of signal LEDs, AC controllers,
power Supplies, stabilizations etc.

12 Assistant TL & AC
Electrical 1. To ensure the availability of tools and
gadgets required by assistant TL & AC Engineers.

2. To look over the maintenance of lights,
bulbs, fans, AC ducts, temperature control of ACs,
stabilizations & all other electrical appliances.

13 Assistant TRD
(Traction Distribution)
Electrical 1. Responsible for the maintenance of electrical
assets like electrical locomotives, Electrical Multiple
Units (EMUs) and Main Line Electrical Multiple Units (MEMUs).

2. Responsible for all technical and organizational
matters connected with the efficient maintenance and
operation of the power supply installations, OHE and RC equipment.

14 Assistant Works Engineering 1. Enrolled in the manufacturing department of all
kinds of rail assets like manufacturing of coaches,
every appliance of trains, platforms sheds etc.

2. They have to create new designs for the betterment
of Indian Railways.

15 Assistant Works
Engineering 1. To assist the seniors in manufacturing.

2. To ensure the availability of materials
(tools and gadgets) required.

3. Handles all the fitting and welding work
in manufacturing under the supervision of their seniors.

16 Hospital Assistant Medical 1. Providing proper care to the ailing
passenger during treatment

2. Taking care of medical aids & their
requirements in the stations

3. Cleaning Medical Equipments.

17 Track Maintainer
Grade IV
Engineering 1. Maintaining tracks.

2. Will have to walk along the track checking
the condition of track, attend to minor works
like tightening/providing clamps, joints etc.

3. Keep an eye over the breakdown of tracks

4. Provides proper, safe and smooth track to the trains

5. Look over every repairs and maintenance of the track line.