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Sentence Improvement

Chapter 23

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Sentence Improvement

Sentence Improvement

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In Sentence Improvement questions, a sentence is given with a word or phrase italicised. The applicant is required to look at this italicised part as per the guidelines of grammar utilization and vocabulary and choose its rightness. A few substitutes to the italicised part are given beneath the sentence. The applicant is required to pick the option which when substitutes the italicised part, the sentence turns out to be grammatically right. If that the italicised part is right as it is, then the right choice is ‘No improvement’ or ‘No correction required’.

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Following are few tips for Sentence Improvement.

This project would encourage development and enable every villager to govern their own density. (Bank P.O. 1994)
(A) to govern his
(B) to governing his
(C) have governed his
(D) may govern their
(E) No correction required
Solution : Option A

shape Model Questions

In each question, a part of sentence is printed in italics. Below each sentence, some phrases are given which can substitute the italicised part of the sentence. Find out the phrase which can correctly substitute that part of the sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, the answer is “No correction required’ or ‘No improvement’.

1. All the allegations levelled against him were found to be baseless. (S.B.I.P.O. 1994)
(A) levelled for
(B) level with
(C) level against
(D) levelling with
(E) No correction required
Solution : Option E

2. He did many mischiefs. (U.D.C. 1994)
(A) made many a mischief
(B) made much mischief
(C) committed many mischiefs
(D) No improvment
Solution : Option C

3. He has said so out of affection, do not take it to heart. (C.B.I. 1993)
(A) in heart
(B) it in the heart
(C) by the heart
(D) No improvement
Solution : Option D

4. I would gladly accompany your sister if you had asked him. (C.D.S. 1994)
(A) would have gladly accompanied
(B) was to have gladly accompanied
(C) will gladly accompany
(D) No improvement

Solution : Option A
5. What are needed are not large houses but small cottages. (N.D.A. 1995)
(A) were
(B) was
(C) is
(D) No improvement
Solution : Option C

6. Sam would have been looked smart in traditional clothes. (Bank P.O. 1993)
(A) was looked
(B) would be looked
(C) had looking
(D) would have looked
(e) No correction Required
Solution : Option D

7. The main point of his speech was well understood. (Bank P.O 1992)
(A) that he spoke
(B) in the speech of his
(C) made when he spoke
(D) made by his speech
(E) No correction required
Solution : Option E

7. His father won”t be able to leave for varnasi until they have arrived. (C.D.S. 1994)
(A) until they arrive
(B) until they will arrive
(C) until they will have arrived
(D) No improvement
Solution : Option A

8. People are tiring very soon in an activity which they don’t like. (B.S.R.B. 1992)
(A) tried
(B) trying
(C) tired
(D) trying
(E) No improvement
Solution : Option C

9. Is there any place for me to sit? (C.B.I. 1994)
(A) space
(B) room
(C) area
(D) No improvement
Solution : Option A

10. The summer has set out, and the days are getting warm. (N.D.A. 1994)
(A) set up
(B) set in
(C) set off
(D) No improvement
Solution : Option B