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Servlet Display Image

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Servlet Display Image

Servlet Display Image

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Servlet Display Image, While working on big projects developer supposed to import and export images, here as many people know that while performing these type of tasks programmer has to use FileInputStream is utilized to read an image and OutputStream is utilized to give response of an image. To make code more effective and to make good performance BufferInputStream and BufferOutputStream classes will be used. While writing source code this type of task developer may get different ideas that leads to good result. Following is an example which shows how to get an image from our system by using servlet code and below are the required files to perform this task.

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Servlet Display Image – Following are the required files to get an image in servlet.


<form method="get" action="./WI">
	Enter User Name <input type="text" name="userField"> </br></br>
	<input type="submit" value="Hey man see the picture">

Where the developer just created text field to enter the User Name.

package servletimage;

import javax.servlet.*;
import javax.servlet.http.*;	            
public class DisplayImage extends HttpServlet
  public void service(HttpServletRequest req,HttpServletResponse res) throws ServletException, IOException 
	  //PrintWriter out = res.getWriter();
    res.setContentType("image/gif");             // see different MIME type
    ServletOutputStream sos = res.getOutputStream();// for binary stream of image files
    String userName = req.getParameter("userField");

    if(userName.startsWith("s") || userName.startsWith("a")|| userName.startsWith("i"))
      File f = new File("e:\\splessons.png");
      DataInputStream dis = new DataInputStream(new FileInputStream(f));
      byte[] barray = new byte[(int) f.length()];
        dis.readFully(barray);           // now the array contains the image
      catch (Exception e) 
        barray = null; 
        dis.close( ); 
      sos.write(barray);                 // send the byte array to client
    	sos.print("user name should be s/a/i");

ServletOutputStream class provides a stream to write binary data into the response. It is an abstract class. The getOutputStream() method of ServletResponse interface returns the instance of ServletOutputStream class. As mentioned in the code user name should be start with any letter of the name sai. The class gives an application a chance to peruse primitive Java information sorts from a fundamental info stream in a machine-autonomous manner.


Here make sure that servlet name should be same and URL name should be same with the HTML form.
Following is the input page where user has to give user name and make sure that user should start with s or a or i.

After entering the correct username following image will come.

In case user give wrong user name then following message will be displayed.


shape Key Points

  • Servlet Display Image – Here programmer has to set content type like image/jpeg
  • Servlet Display Image – FileInputStream is utilized to read an image