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Servlet With JDBC

Chapter 18

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Servlet With JDBC

Servlet with JDBC

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Servlet with JDBC, JDBC is an application programming interface (JDBC API) that characterizes an arrangement of standard operations for connecting with DBMS. The DBMSs might be situated on a remote machine associated with the Internet. Keeping in mind the end goal to get to a database under a particular DBMS, for instance, PostgreSQL, one must have a driver for that DBMS and the driver must actualize JDBC API.

The term JDBC stands for Java Database Connectivity. JDBC is a standard Java API for database and used for connecting the wide range database and the Java programming language. In servlet connecting to the database is an important task why because while dealing with big projects more databases will be used. All the databases will support, but the class should be mentioned in the code and username and password of the database are needed. The following task can be done using the JDBC library class.

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Servlet With JDBC, The image below explains the connection between the JDBC and database.


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  • While performing task on database make sure to install any database like MySQL, Oracle.
  • For practical understanding create a table and perform all the tasks on that table.
  • Using of query browser gives efficient knowledge