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SharePoint List View Webparts

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SharePoint List View Webparts

SharePoint List View Webparts

There is no Web Part called List View. When you create a new site from a site template, Web Parts are automatically added to the site home page. For example, a team site includes Announcements, Calendar, and Links Web Parts. These Web Parts are instances of the List View Web Part that use a preconfigured list template to display list data.

Similarly, when you create a list or library on your site, a List View Web Part of the same name as the list or library is automatically created. For example, if you create a list called Splessonslist, a List View Web Part called Splessonslist will be available in the Site Name Gallery. The Web Part automatically displays the data contained in the list or library that you created.


Here i created one custom list name called Splessonslist

  1. Go to the sharepoint site page click Edit Page.
  2. Choose a zone for the Web Part, and then click Add a Web Part in that zone. The Add Web Parts Web Page dialog box opens.
  3. In the Add Web Parts dialog box, here select the Apps Web Parts, , select the Splessonslist Web Part check box, and then click Add. will get direct list content here.