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Spring MVC

Chapter 19

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Spring MVC

Spring MVC

shape Description

Spring MVC is a web application used to develop applications using enterprise Java.Web framework built around the basis of Spring. Model view controller made to simplify the writing and testing of Java web applications. MVC fully integrates with the spring dependency injection framework. MVC was developed and maintained by interface21, recently purchased by VMware. The conceptual figure of MVC as shown below.


The MVC framework was completely constructed with DispatcherServlet.It can manage the request and response at HTTP. Sequence of events corresponding to an incoming Http request to DispatcherServlet is as follows.

Parts of WebApplicationContext are as follows.

The extension of WebApplicationContext is  PlainApplicationContext.

MVC Overview

Spring MVC framework gives model view controller architecture .The components of MVC used to provide  flexible and loosely coupled web applications.

Defining the DispatcherServlet

Spring MVC framework will be built around the environment of DispatcherServlet.



shape Key Points

  • DispatcherServlet manages the flow of Spring MVC application.
  • MVC  was developed and maintained by interface21,recently purchased by VMWare.
  • Spring MVC framework will be built around the environment of ispatcherServlet.