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SQL Case

Chapter 44

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SQL Case

SQL Case

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SQL Case statement is like IF THEN ELSE statement. It can be used in a SQL query statement.

And case statements can be classified to 2 types:

Simple Case Expression

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In simple case expression, contrast an expression with static qualities.

Search Case Expression

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In search case expressions, where an expression can be contrasted to multiple conditions consistently. 

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The syntax for case statement is as follows:

CASE expression
WHEN value1 then result1
WHEN value2 then result2
ELSE result

If value of expression is equal to value_1 then it will show result_set_1 and like that it will check for all the values mentioned. If it is not matched with no values then it will set the default value mentioned in ELSE part.

shape Examples

SELECT order_id,
CASE supplier_id
  WHEN 'S1001' THEN 'DELL'

Case statement can be used as following:

SELECT student_id CASE WHEN marks BETWEEN 70 AND 80 THEN 'General Incentive' WHEN marks > 80 Then 'Highest Incentive' ELSE 'No Incentive' END FROM student_details;


shape Key Points

  • SQL CASE Statement – Similar to IF THEN ELSE statement.