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SQLite Connections

Chapter 18

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SQLite Connections

SQLite Connections

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SQLite Connections can be created by using concerted connection classes that are defined under Handle Traits class inside the private part of the class for which the developer is using the library. Another option would be placing it inside an internal namespace to which the library exits. Moving semantics copies are not permitted without having a single line of code. An underlying SQLite API’s open for a function by assigning a default constructor.

Modelling Connection

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To open a constructor consisting of some of the variants of open functions. The UTF-8 version that wraps the default constructor to create a temporary connection class on the stack and can call the SQLite open function by allowing the temporary connection to receive the resulting handling measures and can recall these temporary SQLite Connections and return in a valid connection object even if the temporary connections fails.

If suppose there are any failures, then delete the connection objects temporarily. It can efficiently swap the handling measures into the calling SQLite Connections. The open functions and the file names have a common and unique methods and needs a temporary connections and can call a unique and open function with a unique type of character array and swapping with a newly created connections objects that are overloaded in the template function.

SQLite Connection Pragma

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The Pragma commands in SQLite is an appropriate type of command used to handle the state flags and different environment variables inside the SQLite settings. A PRAGMA esteem can be perused and it can likewise setup based on the prerequisites.

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PRAGMA pragma_name;

Pragma => Is a special type of command in SQLite.

pragma_name => Pragma table name.

For setting up new esteems inside the pragma, the code will be like this PRAGMA pragma_name=value;


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  • SQLite Connections – Through which the database and client software communicate with each other.
  • Connection Pragma – Is an appropriate type of command used to assign the state flags.