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SQLite Installation

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SQLite Installation

SQLite Installation

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SQLite Installation gives the clear steps on how to install the SQLite for performing various database actions.

SQLite is a Working Framework Information Center that executes an independent, zero-arrangement, value-based SQL Database Appliance and is server-less. SQLite is the uttermost extensive setup for SQL database appliance in the universe. The SQLite source code is in terms of free domain. SQLite is one of the quickest developing database apparatuses as far as development and fame.

The SQLite is renowned for its zero-configuration and need not bother with the Server Administration. The SQLite works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux Operating System frame work.

Installation steps

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Goto SQLite download page and click on Download.

Choose Pre Compiled Binaries for Windows and then select sqlite-tools-win32-x86-3130000.zip(1.51 MiB).

Zip file will be downloaded.

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Extract the zip files in a folder.

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Double click the folders. And it will display the setup files.

Below are the Setup files.

Click on sqlite3, and it will run the sqlite program.

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The installation of SQLite has been successfully completed.


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  • SQLite Installation – The SQLite Installation process of SQLite has successfully completed on windows operating system.