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SSC CGL Tier II Exam Analysis 12th September 2019

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SSC CGL Tier II Exam Analysis 12th September 2019

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SSC CGL Tier II Exam for admission to SSC CGL was conducted from 11th to 13th September 2019. This article will give the complete SSC CGL Tier II Exam Analysis 12th September 2019 which includes the topics, number of questions asked in the exam and difficulty level of the questions. Paper 1, Paper 3 and Paper 4 consists of 100 questions of 200 marks and Paper 2 consists of 200 questions 200 marks comprising of 4 sections namely General Studies(Finance and Economics), General English, Numerical Aptitude, and Statistics.

The SSC CGL selection process has four phases. The first phase is Tier-I and the second phase is Tier-II which are written exams conducted online. Third phase is Tier-III (Descriptive test) and fourth phase is Tier-IV (Skill test) which are conducted offline.

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Subjects Questions Marks Duration Time
Paper-I: Quantitative Abilities 100 200 120 Minutes (for each Paper)

For VH/ OH (afflicted with Cerebral Palsy/ deformity in writing hand-160 Minutes
Paper-II: English Language and
200 200
Paper-III: Statistics 100 200
Paper-IV: General Studies
(Finance and Economics)
100 200
Total 500 800

shape Analysis

The Quantitative Aptitude section in the SSC CGL Tier-II Exam consists of Arithmetic and advanced maths. As per the reviews of many Candidates, the exam was seen to be of easy to moderate Level.

S.No Topic Number of questions Level of Exam
1. Number System 5-6 Easy
2. Percentage 2 Moderate
3. Average 7-8 Moderate
4. Time & Work, Pipe & Cistern 3-4 Easy-Moderate
5. Profit & Loss, Discount 5-6 Easy
6. Algebra 7-8 Moderate
7. Trigonometry 7-8 Moderate
8. Speed, Distance & Time 1-2 Moderate
9. Partnership 2-3 Easy
10. Simple Interest & Compound
4 (1 Q of Installment) Difcult & Time-consuming
11 Geometry 9-10 Easy
12. Data Interpretation 10 (Tabular+Pie) Moderate
13. Miscellaneous 15-20 Moderate
14. Ratio & Proportion 2-3 Moderate-Difcult
15. Pipes & Cistern B Easy
16. Problem on Ages 1 Moderate
17. Mixture & Alligation 3 Moderate but Calculative
18. Time and Work 2-3 Easy-Moderate
19. Simplication 3-4 Moderate-Difcult

Total Questions
100 Easy to Moderate

English Language & Comprehension of SSC CGL Tier II 2019 Exam is compulsory for all the posts. The exam will be conducted in online mode consisting of 200 Questions of total 200 Marks. The Exam duration for SSC CGL Tier II 2019 English Language & Comprehension Paper-2 is 2 Hours and there will be negative marking 0.25 marks for wrong answers.

S.No Topic Number of questions Level of Exam
1. Spotting the error 20 Easy to Moderate
2. Fill In The Blanks 4-5 Easy to Moderate
3. Synonyms/Antonyms 6 Easy to Moderate
4. Miscellaneous 9-10 Easy to Moderate
5. Spelling/detecting mis-spelt words 4-5 Easy to Moderate
6. Idioms & Phrases 5-6 Easy to Moderate
7. One word substitution 8-10 Easy to Moderate
8. Improvement of sentences 20-22 Easy to Moderate
9. Active/Passive Voice of verbs 20-22 Moderate
10. Conversion into Direct/Indirect Speech 20-25 Moderate
11. Jumbled Paragraph /
Sentence Rearrangement
20-22(ABCD Based) Moderate
12. Cloze passage 15 Easy
13. Comprehension Passage 25-30 Easy to Moderate

Total Questions
200 Easy to Moderate

shape Questions

1. If X + Y + Z = 2, XYZ = (-1), XY + YZ + ZX = 12. Find \({({x}^{³} + {y}^ {³} + {z}^{³}-2)}^{\frac {1}{2}}\)?

2. What will be the ratio between third proportion of two numbers(x & y) and mean proportion of a & b?

3. A Sphere is melt into cylinder, then find its curved surface area?

4. Ratio of share of A, B & C was 2:3:4 & ratio of months A, B, C was given. Difference of A & C share. Then find B’s Share?

5. Find the volume of Pyramid, whose Base was made of equilateral triangle and height & side were given?

Antonyms: Empathy, Turbulent, Alluring.

Synonyms: Cogent, Persist.

One Word Substitution:

  • Study of Earth Crust
  • Cultivation of Grapevines
  • Causing no harm
  • Fear of heights

Idioms & Phrases:

  • Full of Beans
  • Pie in the Sky
  • Talked Over
  • In the dark
  • In the same boat
  • At their wits end

Miss Spelt Words: Mechanic, Lethargy

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