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SSC CGL vs IT software

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SSC CGL vs IT software

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Comparison of SSC CGL vs IT Software job.

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Salaries, job security, future growth of both SSC CGL and IT Software job.

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SSC CGL job, IT Software job, Reputation, Job security, Benefits.

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SSC CGL and IT Software both have their own advantage.

SSC CGL is of course a government job so you will get a security. Benefits like medical and all. Moreover you can proudly introduce yourself as a government employee (according to our society).

In IT jobs (if you get a good company like infosys, accenture, wipro etc) you can easily expect a salary of 10–12 lack with an experience of 3–4 years. You can move to abroad for project works. You can switch job. Your working environment is good. Infact you can find the best collegues. Of course there will be work load but that’s fine as they will also pay you.

IT Software Jobs Vs SSC CGL Jobs

SSC CGL IT Software
Money No money earning limitation if You have a good approach.
Reputation Reputation less than CGL
You will also be paid for doing nothing as it is govt job. Innovation plus excitement.
Job Security No Job security

Both SSC CGL and IT Software Fields are better at their own place, the thing which is noticeable here is that “Are we Happy with our Job Profile”.

shape Conclusion

So overall if you ask I will refer IT jobs in today’s world if you are good in IT.