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SSC CPO Paper II Practice/Mock Test

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SSC CPO Paper II Practice/Mock Test

SSC CPO Paper II Practice/Mock Test

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SSC CPO Paper II Examination is only for those who have qualified in Physical Standard Test (PST) and Physical Endurance Test (PET). SSC CPO Paper II Practice/Mock Test section allows candidates to practice the learned material to ensure the candidate understands the pattern of the exam and the expected questions that would appear in the actual test.

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Date of Examination Subject Maximum Marks Maximum Questions Duration and timing
To be notified later English language and Comprehension 200 200 2 hours

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Direction (1-5): Rewrite the sentence in active voice

1. This picture had been drawn by me.
A. I had drawn this picture
B. I have drawn this picture
C. I drew this picture
D. I drawn this picture
Answer: A

2. A gift was given to me by my friend.
A. My friend had given me a gift
B. My friend has given me a gift
C. My friend gave me a gift
D. My friend gives me a gift
Answer: C

3. This letter was written by Mr. Kumar.
A. Mr. Kumar had written this letter
B. Mr. Kumar writes this letter
C. Mr. Kumar has written this letter
D. Mr. Kumar wrote this letter
Answer: D

4. The flute is being played by Shankar.
A. Shankar was playing the flute
B. Shankar is playing the flute
C. Shankar has been playing the flute
D. Shankar playing the flute
Answer: B

5. He was taken to the hospital by his friends.
A. His friends had taken him to the hospital
B. His friends have taken him to the hospital
C. His friends take him to the hospital
D. His friends took him to the hospital
Answer: D

Direction (6-10): Choose the option which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase given below.

6. “Be in the same boat”
A. To ask someone to travel on the same boat
B. To be in the same difficult situation
C. Willing to do something immediately
D. To force an issue that has already ended
Answer: B

7. “Flog a dead horse”
A. To bear the brunt of
B. To beat a dead horse
C. To be evil tempered
D. To waste your effort by trying to do something that is no longer possible
Answer: D

8. “Smell a rat”
A. To show signs of cowardice
B. To smell the presence of a rat
C. To suspect that something is wrong about a situation
D. To become polite
Answer: C

9. “Take exception to”
A. To object strongly
B. To enjoy the given freedom
C. To make a promise
D. To comply with a rule
Answer: A

10. “Run out of steam”
A. To run out of an engine
B. To lose enthusiasm and stop doing something
C. To run the engine by steam
D. A very loud and noisy rain storm
Answer: B

Direction (11-15): Choose from the four options, the word that best defines/substitutes the given phrase.

11. “The rule by nobles”
A. Monarchy
B. Aristocracy
C. Republic
D. Autocracy
Answer: B

12. “Difficult or impossible to reach or to get”
A. Illegible
B. Inevitable
C. Inaudible
D. Inaccessible
Answer: D

13. “A speech or piece of writing praising somebody”
A. Angiology
B. Etymology
C. Eulogy
D. Arcology
Answer: C

14. “A place where ships load and unload goods”
A. Port
B. Terminal
C. Coach
D. Hangar
Answer: A

15. “The scientific study of the mind”
A. Philology
B. Psychology
C. Sociology
D. Anthropology
Answer: B

Direction (16-20): Choose the correct alternative which will improve the part of the sentence given below.

16. Both Santhosh and Rohit have 167 English papers due ‘in’ Tuesday.
A. About
B. At
C. On
D. No improvement
Answer: C

17. I was born ‘in’ 16 November in 1986.
A. On
B. At
C. For
D. No improvement
Answer: A

18. Some children are much more ‘aggressive then’ others.
A. Aggressively than
B. Aggressive than
C. Aggressively then
D. No improvement
Answer: B

19. The pedestrians ‘should to be’ cautious while crossing the road.
A. Must not
B. Should be
C. Should not
D. No improvement
Answer: B

20. Chandra’s good gestures “will highly appreciated”.
A. Will be highly appreciate
B. Will be high appreciative
C. Will be highly appreciated
D. No improvement
Answer: C

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shape Tips

To prepare for SSC CPO Paper 2 2019, there is only one subject that is English Language and Comprehension.

  • Plan your preparation 3-4 months ahead: When it comes to preparing for the SSC CPO competitive exam, it is always good to start early. Keep at least 3-4 months¬†time in hand and chart out a study plan.

  • SSC CPO Paper 2 exam has 200 questions worth 200 marks. You will get 2 hours to solve the entire paper without any sectional time-division as such. Therefore, you get almost 60 seconds (or 1 minute) effectively per question. If you take away 4-5 seconds per question for switching between questions and reading them, you are left with almost 55 seconds to handle each question.

  • Attempt 1-2 more Mock Tests with a Reformed Strategy.

  • Stay Calm & Expect Surprises in the Exam.

  • Practicing is the ultimate key to success.