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Struts 2 Overview

Chapter 2

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Struts 2 Overview

Struts 2 Overview

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Struts 2 Overview, Struts is an open source framework which was built by Craig McClanahan to develop MVC web applications, later on it was given to the Apache foundation in May 2000 then the stable version of Struts was released in June 2001 with features and later on struts2.0 released in 2014, present version of Struts2 is 2.5.2. To understand the concept of Stuts2 user need to have little knowledge on Servlet, JSP, MVC. The advantage of Struts is that integration with other frameworks such as Spring, Hibernate.

Struts2 Framework act as MVC (model and view controller). Configuration of all the information about views and controllers is done in Struts.XML file. One can modify any data without changing the entire application by changing the XML file.

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  • Struts 2 Overview – Limited documentation is the prime disadvantage of Struts 2
  • Struts 2 Overview – Migration of an application from Struts 1 to Struts 2 is very difficult.
  • Struts 2 Overview – Struts will have lengthy learning curve so its mandatory to have a knowledge on Servlets and JSP.