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SVG Browser Support

Chapter 23

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SVG Browser Support

SVG Browser Support

shape Introduction

This chapter demonstrates about the SVG Browser Support, SVG supported by all the latest browsers, following are the concepts are covered in this chapter.

  • Browser Support

Browser Support

shape Description

SVG can be supported by all the browsers In order to define the basic support of the SVG user can use the Can I use Resource which provides up to date browser support tables for front end web technologies defines the basic support as the method displaying basic vector graphics features using the embed or object elements. Basic SVG Browser Support is as shown in below image.

SVG basic support is supported in all browsers which is not supported only in Internet Explorer 8 and below which means it should be good for production use.

IE (Internet Explorer) 

Following are versions of IE, which are supported by SVG.

  • Internet Explorer 11+


Following are versions of Edge, which are supported by SVG.

  • Edge 13
  • Edge 14+

Mozilla Firefox

Following are versions of Mozilla Firefox, which are supported by SVG.

  • Firefox 47
  • Firefox 48+

Google Chrome

Following are versions of Google Chrome, which are supported by SVG.

  • Chrome 50
  • Chrome 51
  • Chrome 52+

Chrome 26 does not support attribute preserveAspectRatio=none.
Chrome 48+ no longer has support for the SVGPathSeg intrface.


Following are versions of Safari, which are supported by SVG.

  • Safari 9.1+


Following are versions of Opera, which are supported by SVG.

  • Opera 39+

iOS Safari

Following are versions of iOS Safari, which are supported by SVG.

  • iOS Safari 9.2
  • iOS Safari 9.3+

Opera Mini

All versions of Opera Mini browser supported by SVG.

Android Browser 

Following are versions of Android Browser, which are supported by SVG.

  • Android Browser 4.4
  • Android Browser 4.4.4
  • Android Browser 51+

Android 3 & 4 versions are partially supported.

Chrome for Android

  • Chrome for Android 51+


shape Points

  • SVG supported by all browsers except IE 8.
  • SVG Good for Production Use.