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Swachh-Nirmal Tat Abhiyan

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Swachh-Nirmal Tat Abhiyan

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Swachh-Nirmal Tat Abhiyan

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  • Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) is initiating a nationwide cleanliness-cum-awareness campaign on 50 listed beaches under the ‘Swachh-Nirmal Tat Abhiyan’ from 11-17 November 2019.

  • The directors of the National Green Corps (NGC) Andhra Pradesh chapter also orders all NGC units in Prakasam district to start this campaign.

shape Introduction

  • Aiming to clean coastal areas throughout the country and raising consciousness among citizens regarding the significance of coastal ecosystems to conserve marine creatures from plastic waste, industrial waste, and other toxic substances.
  • Environment Education Division of the MoEFCC and Society of Integrated Coastal Management (SICOM) is liable for complete campaign management in 50 beaches, under the supervision of Ministry.

  • After a discussion with various States/UTs, the government listed beaches in 10 States/Union Territories (UTs).
  • These are in –
      1. Andhra Pradesh
      2. Kerala
      3. Tamil Nadu
      4. Odisha
      5. Pondicherry
      6. Goa
      7. Karnataka
      8. Gujarat
      9. Maharashtra
      10. Daman & Diu

    Beaches in Andhra Pradesh
    The program listed a number of seven beaches namely:

      I. Kalingapatnam in Srikakulam district
      II. Chintapalli in Vizianagaram
      III. Rama Krishna and Yarada beaches in Vishakhapatnam
      IV. Manginapudi in Krishna
      V. Suryalanka in Guntur
      VI. Ramayapatnam beach in Prakasam district

    • Cleaning campaigns on all beaches will include school/college students of eco-clubs, volunteers, district administration, local communities and many more.

    • State Nodal Agencies for eco-clubs will promote a week-long effective cleanliness campaign across all 10 States/UTs.

    • Throughout the whole cleanliness campaigns, nodal teachers from the various eco-clubs will be active at the locations.

    • Environment Ministry Officials have also been appointed to regulate the application of the campaign.

    • Approximately 200 students from different schools involved in the cleaning operation at Ramayapatnam beach under the supervision of the district unit of NGC. The administrators made all provisions for their transport, boarding, and accommodation at the place.

    • The program is suitable for students studying in classes 8, 9 and 10 who have considered joining the NGC or eco-clubs of their schools concerned.

    • To fulfill the expenditures of volunteers, the APNGC Directorate has provided Rupees 3 lakhs to each district, and District Education Officers (DEO) and NGC coordinators are managing the whole task.

    • While it is not practicable to clean the whole sea-coast in just one week, our goal is to impart the concept of cleaning sea beaches and raise public awareness by this program, regarding the adverse impacts of plastic and other hazardous substances, so that people will contribute in larger numbers the next time, an official stated.

    • For a beach cleaning activity that lasts for two hours which is per day a minimum of one kilometer from the beach must be recognized.

    • Beach sand cleaning machinery will also be installed on approximately 15 listed beaches.

    • The waste gathered is then filtered per the current Waste Management Rules 2016.

    • Upon completion of the cleanliness campaign, the best three beaches and a Certificate of Appreciation for all involved eco- clubs will be duly honored.

    Andhra Pradesh campaign

      The tasks started in the morning and at the end of the day, they gathered about five gunny bags loaded with single-use plastic, plates, cups, bottles.

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