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Syndicate Bank PO Descriptive Test

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Syndicate Bank PO Descriptive Test

Syndicate Bank PO Descriptive Test

Syndicate Bank PO 2018 – Objective Test, conducted in online Mode, has: a duration of 2 hours, 4 Sections, a total of 200 questions, a Maximum score of 200 marks. The 4 Sections are timed: Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language and General Awareness.

Syndicate Bank PO Descriptive Test, conducted in online Mode, has: a duration of 30 minutes, 1 Section, a total of 2 questions, a Maximum score of 50 marks. The section wise details are as shown below.

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Type Sr. No. Name of the Section No. of Qs. Max. Marks Duration
Objective Test
1 Reasoning 50 50 Composite Time of two hours
2 Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
3 English Language 50 50
4 General Awareness 50 50
Descriptive Test (Online) 5 English Language 2 50 30 Minutes

Syndicate Bank introduced Descriptive Paper in its Objective Test where candidates will be judged on their written skills in English which has to be completed in online mode only. The descriptive test is for qualifying purpose only. An essay and a letter will be given to candidates to write that will constitute of 50 marks and that has to be completed in a time span of 30 minutes.[ Syndicate Bank PO Descriptive Test – Study Guide ]

Further the candidate has to secure minimum marks (50% for general & 45% for SC/ST/OBC/PWD) in descriptive test to qualify for next process viz Interview and Group discussion.

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Sample Questions for Letter Writing:

  • Write a letter to the manager of a firm to increase credit amount of loan taken.
  • Write a letter to the bank manager apologizing for the delay in EMI payment.
  • Write a letter to the bank manager for extension of joining date.
  • As a manager, write a letter to your colleagues to conduct a meeting on PR strategy.
  • Write a letter to your brother indicating him on why you want to choose a career in banking.
  • Write a letter to the parents, telling them about the challenges you are facing after shifting to a new city for job
  • Write a letter to your younger sibling explaining the importance of saving money

Sample Topics for Essay Writing:

  • Effect of Salary Increase of Government Employees on Economy.
  • Importance of knowing history of nation for a citizen.
  • Effect of the New Game Pokemon GO.
  • Does providing an educational loan help in empowering employment to youth?
  • Impact of unearthing of black money on Indian Economy.
  • What is the relevance of Aadhar card?
  • Importance of education in regional/vernacular languages
  • Rise and Fall of Currency
  • Importance of a mentor in achieving career goals.
  • Pros & Cons of winning a lottery
  • Pros & Cons of Inflation
  • Do brokers deserve the cut that they make on deals?
  • Security of the women in workspace, an increasing cause of concern
  • Has Information Technology Changed the Workplace Culture?
  • Inflation and Stabilization in Economy.
  • Role of Uneducated Population in Indian Economy.
  • Using Animals for Scientific Research.
  • Rural Life vs. Urbanization.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Role of NABARD in Indian Agro-Economy.
  • Banning of Voting Symbols by the Election Commission.

shape Samples

Write a letter to the Superintendent of Traffic Police requesting him to install traffic light near the crossing in your locality.

Room no. 31
Someshwar Nagar,
M. G. Road,
Goregaon West,
Mumbai – 400 401
12 December 2017.

The Superintendent of Traffic Police,

Subject: Installation of traffic lights.

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is XYZ, addressing from M. G. Road, Goregaon West. My matter of concern is mentioned in the above subject.

I live opposite a busy street, a street with bustling lights, honking, and traffic. It was only yesterday when I realized that the street lacked a traffic signal. Now, in a street which is 24/7 busy, the traffic goes chaotic in the absence of a traffic signal. There also exists a school at the end of the street. As a result, when the school begins and shuts, the street becomes crowded with school going children and plus, vehicles. With small children crossing the road, the irregular movement of traffic becomes a risk factor. A couple of pedestrians have their evening walk on the same street.

Recently, a motor – cycle and a bicycle dashed each other while taking a turn. Installing a traffic light shall maintain an order and will influence a sense of lane manners among drivers.

All in all, the residents of M. G. Road request you to install a traffic signal or light as soon as possible to prevent accidents and other issues. It is a local street that is unexpectedly busy and desperately needs a traffic light.

We shall be highly obliged if you would do the needful at it’s earliest.

Thanking You

UPI Cashless India: a revolution in banking in India

For an economically diverse country like India, there is a pertinent need to reduce the dependence on cash transactions. It will not only hinder tax evaders but will also assist the Indian economy in a variety of ways. For the last year or so, the government has been working to reduce the dependence of an average Indian on cash. The demonetization done by the government in November 2016 was the first step in this direction. A study done in 2014 projected Rs 21,000 as the cost of cash operations in India, a burden bore by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and commercial banks. To sum up, at one end the government has the goal of reducing tax evasions, and at the other end, it aims to utilize technology to overcome fiscal constraints. Cashless Indian economy is bound to bring greater transparency in the Indian financial system.

Opening bank accounts and other innovative banking inclusion measures have already been rolled out. It is well understood that technology will play a pivotal role in this endeavor of the government. Launched in January 2016 by National Payments Corporation of India – Unified Payments Interface (UPI) has made internet-based transactions as easy as texting a message. No less than a revolution in many aspects, UPI is considered as one of the most updated public payment gateways in the world. This initiative has the backing and support of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) & Indian Banks Association (IBA).

In simple terms, UPI will provide a unique id for the user with the help of which the customer can transfer money using a smartphone. It will allow the customer to make payments, transfer and receive the amount from his bank account to any merchant or individual. It will be a hassle free transaction possible in both online and offline mode. Passwords, IFSC Code or card details are not required. One can look at this payment gateway as an advanced version of IMPS (Immediate Payments Service).

As of now, approximately 29 banks have started offering this service. UPI aims to do away with the cumbersome process of doing transactions online alongside making it as user-friendly as possible even for the layman. One can download the UPI App from the App Store or the bank’s website. Register yourself, generate the M-PIN and you are ready.

No doubt, UPI will play a vital role in making India surge towards a cashless economy. However, many hurdles are to be crossed, and unanswered questions need viable solutions. Apart from bringing a vast majority of the population in the banking net, the point of sales, which will accept payment through this mode, also need to be increased drastically. Another primary concern is that approximately eight to ninety percent of the total workforce works in the unorganized sector. To take this sector towards the cashless mode will be a mammoth task.

The government and its agencies need a sustained commitment towards this cause as it is bound to take a lot of time. The transition towards the cashless economy will be slow and incentivize cashless transactions will provide the much-needed impetus. The objective should be to reduce the dependence on cash gradually, in various transactions and bring in transparency in the financial system.

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