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TS PC Career Progression

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TS PC Career Progression

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The Director General functions from Police Directorate, located in the DGP headquarters in Hyderabad. DGP is assisted by a team of senior officers from the ranks of Additional DG & IG of Police to Assistant Inspector General of Police. Below is the TS PC Career Progression.

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Telangana Police organization is divided into police districts, subdivisions, circles and police station jurisdictions. The district is under control of a Superintendent of Police. A subdivision is headed by a Dy SP or an Addl DSP (called as Sub divisional police officer). A division has a few circles under it. A Circle is usually under the control of a Police Circle Inspector. There could be several police stations in a circle, which are headed by officers of the rank of Police Inspectors or Sub-Inspectors.

TS PC Career Progression – Promotion Order
Constables can become ASI after giving an internal departmental examination (around 400 marks or so) and if they have minimum Bachelors’ degree. Usually after 12 years service Head Constables can become eligible for promotion to ASI. And then SI (Sub-Inspector) after another 15 years.

  1. Police Constable (P.C.)

  2. Police Head Constable (H.C.)

  3. Assistant Police Sub Inspector (A.S.I.)

  4. Police Sub Inspector (S.I.)

  5. Police circle Inspector (C.I.)

  6. Deputy Superintendent of Police (D.S.P.)/Assistant Superintendent of Police (A.S.P)

  7. Additional Superintendent of Police (Add.S.P.)

  8. Superintendent of Police (S.P.)

  9. Assistant Commissioner of Police (A.C.P)

  10. Deputy Commissioner of Police(D.C.P)

  11. Additional Commissioner of Police(Add.C.P)

  12. Commissioner of Police (C.P)

  13. Deputy Inspector General of Police (D.I.G.)

  14. Inspector General of Police (I.G.)

  15. Additional Director General of Police (Add. D.G.P.)

  16. Director General of Police (D.G.P.)