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TS PC Provisional Selection

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Selection of Candidates shall be provisional at all stages and subject to verification of the original certificates, antecedents, medical fitness and also outcome of disciplinary proceedings, if any, pending against the serving employees.

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Inclusion in Merit List Does not Confer any Rights

Mere admission to any test or inclusion of a Candidate’s name in a Merit List shall not confer on him / her any right for Selection / Appointment to such service, class or category. The provisional selection of the Candidates to the Posts mentioned in this Notification, are subject to several other requirements described below.

a) Verification of Antecedents: No person shall be eligible for appointment to any service by direct recruitment unless he satisfies the selection authority as well as the appointing authority that his character, antecedents and medical fitness are such as to qualify him for such service.

b) Disqualification for Appointment: Candidates falling under the following categories shall be disqualified for Selection / Appointment, as per the rules.

  • Suppression of Material facts or providing False / Erroneous Information (either in the Application or in the Attestation Form)

  • If the Candidate himself or through his / her relatives or friends or any other has canvassed or endeavoured to enlist extraneous support whether from official or non-official sources for his candidature.

  • A person (a) who has entered into or contracted a marriage with a person having a spouse living, or (b) who, having a spouse living, has entered into or contracted a marriage with any other person. Provided that the State Government may, if satisfied that such marriage is permissible under the personal law applicable to such person, exempt any person from the operation of this rule.

  • A person who has been Dismissed from the Services of a State or Central Government or from the service of any Central or State Government undertaking or local body or other authority

  • A person who has been convicted for any offence in any court of law

  • A person who is involved in an offence involving moral turpitude

Suppression / Withholding of Facts – Not Advisable

Suppression of Material facts or withholding any factual information in the Online Application or Attestation Form (which would be supplied to the Candidates who are declared provisionally selected) will disqualify the Candidate from being considered for appointment. In the event of any information being found false or incorrect or ineligibility being detected at any time even after Appointment, he / she will be discharged from service forthwith by the Appointing Authority without any notice.

Appointment on Completion of Induction Training

Candidates who are provisionally selected to the Posts of Police Department will be appointed to the regular Posts, only on successful completion of Induction Training by the concerned Appointing Authorities.

Relief From Earlier Employer / Resignation:

Candidates who are provisionally selected for any one of the Posts specified in this Notification and who are employees of Telangana State Government / any other State Government / Central Government / any Public Sector Undertaking / Government Enterprise can join training only after relief from the earlier employer / after resignation to the earlier service.

Time Limit for Submission of Forms:

Time limit for submission of Attestation Form(s) (or) other relevant documents (or) attending Medical Examination (or) Joining the Training: Candidates who are provisionally selected for any one of the Posts specified in this Notification will be asked to submit an Attestation Form, produce other relevant documents and attend Medical Examination on a specified date. Candidates who become eligible to be sent for training will be asked to join the training on a specified date. If any, Candidate fails to respond and submit the necessary form(s) or document or attend the Medical Examination or join the training on a specified date, his / her provisional selection will be cancelled without any further notice to the Candidate.

Decision of TSLPRB to be Final

The decision of the TSLPRB [ Telangana State Level Police Recruitment Board] in all aspects pertaining to the Application and its acceptance or rejection as the case may be, Conduct of Examination(s) at all consequent stages culminating in the selection or otherwise of any Candidate shall be final in all respects. The TSLPRB also reserves the right to alter or modify time and conditions laid down in the Notification for conducting the recruitment at various stages up to selection, duly intimating details thereof to all concerned, as warranted by any unforeseen circumstances arising during the course of this recruitment process or as deemed necessary by the TSLPRB at any stage of the recruitment.