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TS PC Roles and Responsibilities

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TS PC Roles and Responsibilities

shape Introduction

The Telangana State Police Department, is the law enforcement agency for the state of Telangana in India. The Telangana State Police has jurisdiction concurrent with the 31 revenue districts of the State which is headed by an officer designated as the Director General of Police who reports to the State Government through the Home (Police) Department. Following are the TS PC Roles and Responsibilities.

shape Duties

A Constable is one who has maximum interface with public. As the most accessible person for public he is expected to protect the needy, rescue people from danger, apprehend offenders and assist in securing prompt help and justice. Some of the important roles assigned to him are organising and securing community participation, activising himself in prevention and detection of crime and maintenance of law and order. Another main role of the Constable is, performance of all tasks connected with beat area and there by help in prevention of offences and breach of peace. The constable on traffic duty has the task of regulating traffic. All constables in their dealings with public should inspire confidence in the efficacy of police to protect them. The police image is directly proportionate to their good conduct and behaviour in the public as they are the persons who are basically and directly in touch with them. At all costs they must avoid ill treatment either to the victims or to the accused as a first step to build the better police image.

TS PC Roles and Responsibilities:
The main duties of civil constables are:

  • To perform duties in beats, patrols and pickets.

  • Surveillance over history sheeted and other potential criminals as per orders.

  • Collection of information and intelligence relating to crimes and criminals, subversive, terrorist and anti social elements in their areas primarily and communication of the same to the authorised superiors.

  • Developing cordial relations with local maithri committees/voluntary organizations and knowledge of households in the beat area.

  • Convey information relating to persons and events that cause or likely to cause law and order situation or wide spread disturbances.

  • Keep in touch with local disputes, caste/communal overtones and inform SHO.

  • Assistance to investigating officers in the matter of arrests, recoveries, searches, identification and securing of witnesses or verification of information.

  • Execute warrants and serve summons promptly.

  • Escort prisoners, arrested persons.

  • Escort injured or dead to the hospital.

  • Guard of prisoners in custody and all station property.

  • Help and assist in dealing with Floods, Earthquakes, Fires, Accidents, Epidemics etc. and put in responsible efforts to save lives and property.

  • To perform allotted duties in Fairs, Festivals, Bundhs, Agitations, Riots, Large assemblies, Elections, Bandobust and security duties.

  • To preserve and guard the scene of occurrence until necessity ceases.

  • To behave courteously with all sections of public and treat poor people, children, women, aged and all weaker sections of society with consideration, sympathy and helpful attitude.

  • To be regular and punctual in his duties, catechism, physical training and weekly parades.

  • To work as data entry operators in Computers and in the areas of reprography, photography and cartography wherever they have necessary skill.

  • Make entries in the prescribed register and forms and maintain records entrusted to him particularly those relating to beat area.

  • Any other duties allotted by SHO or other superior officers or elsewhere in this manual.

The entire preventive work of the police depends on the efficiency, commitment, professionalism and integrity of the beat area policeman. The Constable allotted to a beat should realise that his participation in the community even in a small measure is essential for successful policing. Professionalism and integrity but not power and authority shall command respect and bring in a large measure of co-operation from general public.