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UGC NET Exam Syllabus

Chapter 6

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UGC NET Exam Syllabus

shape Introduction

Exam Syllabus, a preparation guide, is a crucial element that always helps the candidates to devise effective preparation strategies, by, focusing on their strengths and weaknesses in different topics. Below mentioned data gives an overview of the UGC NET Exam Syllabus. Candidates can check the daily updates regarding UGC NET on its Official Website.

shape Syllabus

Syllabi for all NET subjects can be downloaded from the UGC website and are also available in the libraries of all Indian Universities.

The UGC NET Exam Syllabus with their respective subject codes are given below:

Subject View
00 General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude (Paper -I) [Click Here]
01 Economics / Rural Economics /Co-operation / Demography
/ Development Planning/ Development Studies/Econometrics/
Applied Economics/Development Eco./Business Economics
[Click Here]
02 Political Science [Click Here]
03 Philosophy [Click Here]
04 Psychology [Click Here]
05 Sociology [Click Here]
06 History [Click Here]
07 Anthropology [Click Here]
08 Commerce [Click Here]
09 Education [Click Here]
10 Social Work [Click Here]
11 Defence and Strategic Studies [Click Here]
12 Home Science [Click Here]
14 Public Administration [Click Here]
15 Population Studies [Click Here]
16 Music [Click Here]
17 Management (including Business Admn. Mgt./Marketing/
Marketing Mgt./Industrial Relations and Personnel Mgt./
Personnel Mgt./Financial Mgt./Co-operative Management)
[Click Here]
18 Maithili [Click Here]
19 Bengali [Click Here]
20 Hindi [Click Here]
21 Kannada [Click Here]
22 Malayalam [Click Here]
23 Oriya [Click Here]
24 Punjabi [Click Here]
25 Sanskrit [Click Here]
26 Tamil [Click Here]
27 Telugu [Click Here]
28 Urdu [Click Here]
29 Arabic [Click Here]
30 English [Click Here]
31 Linguistics [Click Here]
32 Chinese [Click Here]
33 Dogri [Click Here]
34 Nepali [Click Here]
35 Manipuri [Click Here]
36 Assamese [Click Here]
37 Gujarati [Click Here]
38 Marathi [Click Here]
39 French (French Version) [Click Here]
French (English Version) [Click Here]
40 Spanish [Click Here]
41 Russian [Click Here]
42 Persian [Click Here]
43 Rajasthani [Click Here]
44 German [Click Here]
45 Japanese [Click Here]
46 Adult Education/ Continuing Education/ Andragogy/
Non Formal Education.
[Click Here]
47 Physical Education [Click Here]
49 Arab Culture and Islamic Studies [Click Here]
50 Indian Culture [Click Here]
55 Labour Welfare/Personnel Management/Industrial Relations/
Labour and Social Welfare/Human Resource Management
[Click Here]
58 Law [Click Here]
59 Library and Information Science [Click Here]
60 Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies [Click Here]
62 Comparative Study of Religions [Click Here]
63 Mass Communication and Journalism [Click Here]
65 Performing Art – Dance/Drama/Theatre [Click Here]
66 Museology & Conservation [Click Here]
67 Archaeology [Click Here]
68 Criminology [Click Here]
70 Tribal and Regional Language/Literature [Click Here]
71 Folk Literature [Click Here]
72 Comparative Literature [Click Here]
73 Sanskrit traditional subjects (including) Jyotisha/
Sidhanta Jyotish/ Navya Vyakarna/ Vyakarna/ Mimansa/
Navya Nyaya/ Sankhya Yoga/ Tulanatmaka Darsan/ Shukla Yajurveda/
Madhav Vedant/ Dharmasasta/ Sahitya/ Puranotihasa /Agama).
[Click Here]
74 Women Studies [Click Here]
79 Visual Art (including Drawing & Painting/ Sculpture Graphics/
Applied Art/History of Art)
[Click Here]
80 Geography [Click Here]
81 Social Medicine & Community Health [Click Here]
82 Forensic Science [Click Here]
83 Pali [Click Here]
84 Kashmiri [Click Here]
85 Konkani [Click Here]
87 Computer Science and Applications [Click Here]
88 Electronic Science [Click Here]
89 Environmental Sciences [Click Here]
90 Politics including International Relations/International
Studies including Defence/Strategic Studies, West Asian Studies,
South East Asian Studies, African Studies, South Asian Studies,
Soviet Studies, American Studies.
[Click Here]
91 Prakrit [Click Here]
92 Human Rights and Duties [Click Here]
93 Tourism Administration and Management. [Click Here]
94 BODO [Click Here]
95 Yoga [Click Here]
101 Sindhi [Click Here]