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UGC NET General Instructions

Chapter 12

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UGC NET General Instructions

shape Introduction

UGC NET General Instructions are provided to familiarize the candidates with the different policies and regulations of the Examination, Examination center and in general about the Do’s and Dont’s in the recruitment process. This chapter covers the instructions pertaining to but not limited to: what kind of stationery items to be carried inside the examination hall, particulars to be noted, during the examination, end of the examination, proof of identity to be submitted, action against guilty of misconduct found.

shape Instructions

Candidates are advised to go through following UGC NET General Instructions carefully before going for the Examination.

(a) Procedure to be followed during conduct of examination

  • Candidates MUST bring the following documents on the day of examination at the Test Centre else they will be disqualified. Candidates who will not bring these will not be allowed to sit in the examination.

    • Print copy of Admit Card downloaded from NTA’s website.
    • One passport size photograph (same as uploaded on the Online Application Form) should be taken for pasting on the specific space in the Attendance Sheet at Centre during the Examination.
    • Any one of the authorized photo IDs (must be original, valid and nonexpired) – PAN card/ Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Aadhaar Card (With photograph)/ Aadhaar Enrolment No/ Ration Card.
    • PwD certificate issued by the Competent Authority, if claiming the relaxation under PwD category.

  • The candidates shall report at the Examination Centre two hours before the commencement of the examination so as to complete the frisking and registration formalities well before time. Registration desk will be closed 30 minutes prior to the examination.

    Candidates shall not be permitted to enter in the Examination Center after 8.30 am in First Shift and after 1.00 pm in Second Shift.

    Candidates are also advised to report at the Examination Hall/ Room in the Examination Centre by 8.45 am in the First Shift and by 1.15 pm in the Second Shift.

    The candidates are advised to read the instructions on the Admit Card carefully and follow them during the conduct of the examination.

    Candidates should take their seat immediately after opening of the Examination Hall.

  • The candidate must show, on demand, the Admit Card downloaded/ printed from the NTA’s website for admission in the examination room/ hall.

  • A seat indicating Roll Number will be allotted to each candidate. Candidates should find and sit on their allocated seat only.

  • The candidate should ensure that the question paper available on the computer is as per his/ her opted subject indicated in the Admit Card.

    In case, the subject of question paper is other than his/her opted subject, the same may be brought to the notice of the Invigilator concerned.

  • Candidates are not allowed to carry any baggage inside the Examination Centre.

    Candidates are not allowed to carry any textual material, Calculators, Docu Pen, Slide Rules, Log Tables and Electronic Watches with facilities of calculator, printed or written material, bits of papers, mobile phone, Blue-tooth devices, pager or any other electronic gadget/ device etc.
    The candidates are prohibited to bring any kind of electronic gadgets/ device in the examination room/ hall.

  • No candidate, without the special permission of the Centre Superintendent or the Invigilator concerned, will leave their seat or Examination Room/ Hall until the full duration of the paper is over. Candidates must follow the instructions strictly as instructed by the Centre Superintendent/ Invigilators. Candidates should not leave the room/ hall without handing over their rough sheets to the invigilator on duty in the Room/ Hall.

  • Smoking, chewing gutka, spitting etc. in the Examination Room/ Hall is strictly prohibited.
    Tea, coffee, cold drinks, snacks or eatable things are not allowed to be taken inside the examination room/ hall during examination hours.

  • A candidate may approach the Centre Superintendent/ Invigilator in the room for any technical assistance, first aid emergency or any other information during the course of the examination.
    For any queries or issues regarding Computer Based Test, the candidates may contact on Mobile Numbers available on UGC NET website.

  • For those who are unable to appear on the scheduled date of test for any reason, re-test shall not be held by the NTA under any circumstances.

(b) Important Instructions for Computer Based Test (CBT)

  • A sample/ mock test will be available on UGC NET website in November 2018 for practice purpose and to give the candidate the look and feel of the Computer Based Test (CBT).

  • The important instructions to be followed for Computer Based Test (CBT) will be available on UGC NET website.

  • All calculations/ writing work is to be done only in the rough sheet provided at the Centre in the Examination Room/ Hall and on completion of the test candidates must hand over the rough sheets to the invigilator on duty in the Room/ Hall.

  • During the examination time, the invigilator will check Admit Card of the candidate to satisfy himself/ herself about the identity of each candidate.

  • The candidates are governed by all Rules and Regulations of the NTA with regard to their conduct in the Examination Hall. All cases of unfair means will be dealt with as per rules.

  • The candidates must sign and paste the photograph on the Attendance Sheet at the appropriate place.

(c) Unfairmeans

  • If Candidates are in possession of any of the following item, their candidature will be treated as unfairmeans and lead to cancellation of the current examination and also debar the candidate for future examination(s) and the material will be seized.

  • Candidates shall maintain perfect silence and attend to their Question Paper only. Any conversation or gesticulation or disturbance in the Examination Room/ Hall shall be deemed as misbehavior.

  • Candidates must not obtain or give or attempt to obtain or to give irregular assistance of any kind during the examination. This will entail expulsion and cancellation of candidature for the examination.

  • If a candidate is found using unfairmeans or impersonating, his/ her candidature shall be cancelled and he/ she will be liable to be debarred for taking examination either permanently or for a specified period according to the nature of offence.

(d) Rough Work

    All calculations/writing work are to be done only in the rough sheet provided at the centre in the examination Room/ Hall and on completion of the test candidates must hand over the rough sheets to the invigilator on duty in the Room/ Hall.