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UPSC Allows Withdraw Option to the Candidates

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UPSC Allows Withdraw Option to the Candidates

shape Introduction

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has introduced the facility of withdrawal of Application for those candidates who do not want to appear for the Examination.

Now the candidate’s one attempt will not be spoiled if he/ she is not prepared for the exam. The candidates are allowed to withdraw their application after 07 days of the deadline. There is no provision for Withdrawing of incomplete applications.

This rule will be applicable on IES 2019 application process. As said above candidates are allowed to withdraw their application form from October 29 to November 05, 2018. The span for submitting the application form is 27 days. The candidates have to submit their applications till October 22, 2018.

Under Section 2.1 and Appendix IIB the notification states

  • You are advised to go through the instructions carefully before filling up the request for withdrawal of application

  • Provide the details of registered application with registration-id. There is no provision for withdrawing incomplete applications

  • Before making the request for withdrawal, keep your registered mobile number and the email-id provided at the time of submission of application, handy

  • Separate OTPs will be sent by the Commission on the registered mobile number and email-id. Request for withdrawal will be accepted only after it is confirmed by validating the OTP sent on both platforms. The OTP will be valid for 30 minutes only

  • Do remember not to share the OTP with anybody else

  • If you have submitted more than one application form, then the higher registration-id of application (meaning, the latest) will be considered for withdrawal and all earlier applications will be treated as cancelled automatically

  • After the final acceptance of the online withdrawal of application, print the authenticated receipt

  • Once the application has been withdrawn, it cannot be revived

  • The UPSC has no provision to refund any fee amount you pay, so in case of successful withdrawal of application, the fee will not be refunded

  • On successful completion of withdrawal of application, an auto-generated email and SMS will be sent on candidate’s registered email-id and mobile

  • In case any candidate has not submitted the request for withdrawal of application he/she may contact UPSC on email-id: upscsoap@nic.in immediately

  • Official Notification: Click Here

    Official Notice: Click Here