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Website Performance Test | Professional Blogging Tools

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Website Performance Test | Professional Blogging : Check out these top three Website Performance Test tools if you are new to Professional Writing/Blogging

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A lot of people have the opinion that blogging is nothing but writing information on a particular topic. This is not completely true. Blogging has a major role in promoting a website and getting better digital business for companies. A blogger should know the right SEO techniques. This would help you draft the content in such a way that the website reputation is improved. You can check out various ways to improve your writing standards.

At times, bloggers produce posts that are well written but do not help in improving the business results of the brand. Bloggers who are well aware of the correct business requirements are able to produce the correct posts without a problem.

Bloggers need to determine the revenue that a website is earning through different modes. For instance, if a website is using Google AdSense, what is the revenue being generated through it? The best way to determine this cost is by using the AdSense calculator. Similarly, bloggers can use various other tools to determine the business performance of a website.

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Professional Blogging Tools – Let us have a look at some helpful Website Performance Testtools for blog writers

1. Prepostseo Adsense Calculator

  • Placing Google advertisements on the website is a good way to earn money and a lot of blog owners are doing it. However, it is important to calculate the money which you are actually earning. AdSense is a good marketing option if you have a clear idea of the exact amount you would earn. This task can be completed by using the AdSense Calculator. The calculator is used online and incorporates certain parameters to determine the earning.

  • A total of three inputs have to be provided by the user. The earning is determined on the basis of these details. The user has to enter the number of impressions, click-through percentage and cost per click. The calculator produces the values for daily, monthly and yearly earnings in accordance with the information inserted by the user. It is much better to use the AdSense calculator because while determining the values manually, various errors can be made.

2. Moz Rank Checker – Website Performance Test Tool

How do you know that the correct keywords are being used in your web content?

  • The Moz Rank is an important parameter to determine the progress and performance of a website. What is your keyword performance? Are you using the correct keywords to bring the desired traffic count? The answers to these questions can be attained by using the Moz Rank Checker. For website owners, this tool is important. Today, Moz Rank is an important Website Performance Test tool to check the performance of a website.

  • The Moz Rank checker is a very simple Website Performance Test tool that anyone can use. You need to enter the URL of the website and the required outputs would be shown to you on the screen. The outputs are not restricted to Moz Rank only. You can even know about the domain authority, page authority, and other parameters. For webmasters, this is a good tool that helps in keeping a check on the progress and performance of the website. For instance, if you figure out that the correct keywords have not been used, you can change them to improve the traffic rate. As this tool is used online, no supporting applications have to be installed.

3. Google PR Checker – Website Performance Test Tool

The traffic rate on a website decreases when its pages do not have the needed level of credibility. How can you check the standard of your website? Google PR checker is an amazing tool to accomplish this task. It gauges the credibility of web pages. There is a range of scores which is used to check the standard of the pages. The lowest-ranked pages have a score of 0 while the highest ones carry a score of 10. Thus if you see that most pages of the website have a lesser Google PR, improvements have to be made. Web pages with low Google PR scores fail to get a good count of traffic. As a result, the business results get hampered.

  • Websites suffer a lot if owners do not keep a check on the traffic rate. If you are getting lesser customers on the website, it simply means that improvements have to be made. At times, the content is not up to the mark and this brings down the ratings. With the Google PR checker, you can get a clear idea of how good or bad your web pages are.

  • The Google PR checker comes for free which is a major plus for the users. They do not have to pay anything for using it. Other than that, it is a simple tool so you can get the results without going through a list of complex features.

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Website Performance Test – Professional Blogging Tools – Summing it Up

Having the right tools up your sleeve is helpful when you want to keep a check on the performance of your website. For instance, if you want to check the earnings you can get using AdSense, the AdSense calculator is an ideal option for this purpose. Using it, you can determine the sum you can earn by displaying Google advertisements. Similarly, if you are getting less traffic on your website, there may be some deficiencies that you may be required to work on. If the Google PR score is low, the web pages may be lacking something due to which the traffic rate may not be up to the mark.

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Published: November 21, 2019

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