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World Stock Exchange

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World Stock Exchange

World Stock Exchange

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World Stock Exchange is an exchange where stock brokers and traders can buy and sell shares of stock, bonds, and other securities. It is very important for all the candidates to acknowledge such reform drives for GA/GK preparation in many competitive exams such as SSC, Banking etc.

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Stock exchanges may also provide facilities for issue and redemption of securities and other financial instruments and capital events including the payment of income and dividends. Securities traded on a stock exchange include stock issued by listed companies, unit trusts, derivatives, pooled investment products and bonds. Stock exchanges often function as “continuous auction” markets with buyers and sellers consummating transactions at a central location such as the floor of the exchange.

There is usually no obligation for the stock to be issued via the World Stock Exchange itself, nor must stock be subsequently traded on the exchange. Such trading may be off-exchange or over-the-counter. This is the usual way that derivatives and bonds are traded. Increasingly, World Stock Exchange is part of a global securities market.

Below table contains the list of World Stock Exchange:

Stock Exchange Head Quarters Description
Australian Securities Exchange Sydney ASX Group has two trading platforms – ASX Trade, which facilitates the trading of ASX equity securities and ASX Trade 24 for derivative securities trading.
American Stock Exchange (AMEX) New York, USA The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) is the third-largest stock exchange by trading volume in the United States.
Afghanistan Stock Exchange Kabul Afghanistan Stock Exchange is the first and major stock Exchange in Afghanistan, It would not start functioning yet, it was dealing with a comprehensive variety of capital market products and services
BM & F Bovespa Sao Paul It operates as a business center to negotiate equities, securities, financial assets, indices, interest rates, agricultural commodities, and foreign exchange futures and spot contracts.
Borsa Italiana Milan, Italy It manages and organises domestic market, regulating procedures for admission and listing of companies and intermediaries and supervising disclosures for listed companies.
Bolsa de Madrid (Madrid Stock Exchange) Madrid, Spain Bolsa de Madrid Stock Exchange is the largest and most international of Spain’s four regional stock exchanges (the others are located in Barcelona, Valencia, and Bilbao) that trade shares and convertible bonds and fixed income securities, and both government and private-sector debt.
Chittagong Stock Exchange Chittagong It is one of the twin financial hubs of the country, It has a combined market capitalization.
Colombo Stock Exchange Colombo It is one of the exchanges in South Asia, providing a fully automated trading platform.
Deutsche Börse Frankfurt Deutsche Börse Group, is a marketplace organizer for the trading of shares and other securities. It is also a transaction services provider.
Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hong Kong It is traded as Hang Seng.
JSE Limited Johannesburg, South Africa. Johannesburg Stock Exchange is the oldest existing and largest stock exchange in Africa.
London Stock Exchange London It is the oldest and fourth-largest stock exchange in the world. It is the most international of all the world’s stock exchanges, with around 3,000 companies from over 70 countries admitted to trading on its markets.
London International Financial Futures&Options Exchange (LIFFE) London, Great Britain It is a futures exchange based in London. LIFFE is now part of Intercontinental Exchange group following a series of takeovers.
Montreal Exchange (MSE) Montreal, Canada Montreal Stock Exchange (MSE) is a derivatives exchange, located in Montreal, that trades futures contracts and options on equities, indices, currencies, ETFs, energy and interest rates.
Maldives Stock Exchange Malé The primary function of MSE is to facilitate companies raise capital through the issue of new securities. The MSE provides a regulated market for the trading of securities between investors.
New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) New York City It is the World’s Largest exchange in terms of market capital and monthly trading.
NASDAQ OMX New York City Second largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization and trade value. The exchange is owned by NASDAQ OMX Group.
Nordic: Baltic market (OMX) Stockholm, Sweden Nasdaq Nordic provides financial services and operate market places for securities in the Nordic and Baltic countries. which develops and markets systems for financial transactions used by OMX Exchanges, as well as by other stock exchanges.
Nepal Stock Exchange Kathmandu The basic objective of NEPSE is to impart free marketability and liquidity to the government and corporate securities by facilitating transactions in its trading floor through member, market intermediaries, such as broker, market makers etc.
Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan Thimphu It is one of the world’s smallest stock exchanges,
Shanghai Stock Exchange Shanghai The Shanghai Stock Exchange is still not entirely open to foreign investors due to tight capital account controls exercised by the Chinese mainland authorities and often manipulated by the decisions of their Central Government.
Sialkot Stock Exchange Sialkot All of the brokerage houses whether active or nonnative at STF are registered houses in LSE as well as these houses are governed by Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).
Tokyo Stock Exchange Tokyo Third largest stock exchange market in the world by aggregate market capitalization of its listed companies.
Toronto Stock Exchange Toronto It is the ninth largest exchange in the world by market capitalization. More mining and oil and gas companies are listed on Toronto Stock Exchange than any other stock exchange.
Taiwan Stock Exchange Taipei It is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Commission.