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Overview of Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2013

Overview of Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2013


Hi every one, today i am going to explain about BCS ( Business Connectivity Services ) concept. Here my concept is i have data into database table . i want to retrieve the data from the database  into a SharePoint list using BCS

Step 1:

Go to the sql server machine  and open the sql server.

Create a new database name called “BCS_DB”

Create a Table and Columns like “BSC_Sample” 


Step 2:

Go to the SharePoint server machine and open the SharePoint designer.

And then click the “External Content Type” and then  Click on  External content new in the ribbon


click on external data resources Link button to connect the data base server


Click on Add connection button


Then We will get one popup to select the Data Source Type


Here Enter the Database server name and Database name .

Step 3:

Here we can see our Database name and Tables.

right click on the the option called Create all operations


We can check what are the operations are going to perform to a particular table and click on Next button


Please check the  Map to Identifier  Check box to identify the Column  and Click on Finish Button

now our table is ready to use in our SharePoint server

Step 4:

Create a ShrePoint list . click on  create lists & Form button in ribbon tag


Enter the list name  and click ok Button

Click on Save Button or  Ctrl + S.

Step 5:

Then go to the SharePoint site and check the Added List

We may get This type  of error for Access Denied.


To solve this problem  we have to add the permissions in central admin like below .

Click on Manage Service  application


And Click on BCS Service


Select the Created  External System Name and click on set  Object permissions Button into the Ribbon


Add the who one have Full permissions on the site and click on add Button  and then Select the Check boxes  And Click on Ok Button

Step 6:

And then We might be face this problem also Because of  Authentication mode


Go to the SharePoint designer and select the out Service

here we can see our External system Name or  Edit the connection Properties, if you click that one popup will open.

Here  we have column called authentication made  . by default User Identity  value  selected .

we have to change as a BDC Identity 

Step 7:

Then other new error message displayed says – meta data object has a property with name ‘AuthenticationMode’ and value ‘RevertToSelf’ etc….

We have to first enable BCS model to accept “RevertToSelf” as one of the authentication modes.
The “ReverToSelfAllowed” property is set to false by default. to change true i ran below power shell script in management shell.
$bdc = Get-SPServiceApplication | where {$_ -match “Business Data Connectivity Service”};
$bdc.RevertToSelfAllowed = $true;

Step 8:

Then Finally  we can see the output . To fetch the data from the database.