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Chandrayaan 2 Benefits – How ISRO’s mission to Moon will impact India and humanity?

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Chandrayaan 2 Benefits – How ISRO’s mission to Moon will impact India and humanity?

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Chandrayaan 2 Benefits – How ISRO’s mission to Moon will impact India and humanity?

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The Chandrayaan 2 Mission has been a huge step for Indian Space Research. With Vikram lander making an entry into the lunar surface, applause and appreciation were amassed from all over the world for the great feat that was achieved with the progress of Chandrayaan 2. It is beyond any doubt that ISRO’s mission to the moon will leave a huge and long lasting impact both for India and humanity at large. [Chandrayaan 2 Mission 2019 – ISRO’s Lunar Exploration Mission]

Chandrayaan 2 Benefits – These are few inspiring feats that the lunar launch incorporated in its remarkable journey:

  • The Chandrayaan 2 Mission that was undertaken by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) had the primary goal to be able to demonstrate a soft landing on the lunar territory. Comprising of a soft lander, an orbiter and a rover the mission was set to be launched in July 2019. Even though the communication with Vikram lander was lost just few kilometers before it could touch the surface of the moon, the attempt at a soft landing was proven to be successful using this technique. This was a great feat in itself. There were many more discoveries on the agenda including the study of mineralogy, elemental science, the lunar exosphere and topography, etc. With such able technology in our hands these tasks have been classified a lot more achievable with our recent success with the trajectory of Chandrayaan 2.

  • Another impact and inspiring aspect was that of ISRO chief Kailasavadivoo Sivan. He recently came into the limelight for his incredible participation as the mission director and chief. His personal story, as has come into common knowledge now, will have a great impact on the budding and aspiring scientists in the country. Born in the family of a farmer in a small district of Kanyakumari, he studied in a government school in his locality. Sivan became a part of ISRO in 1982, since when he has been a crucial part of many projects including the Polar Satellite Launch project and the development of cryogenic engines. The way he handled the Chandrayaan 2 Mission from start to end was absolutely phenomenal. He even got really emotional during the landing glitch. Despite the fumble, credit cannot be taken away from the perfect orchestration of the mission up until that point under his leadership. His leadership has been truly impactful and inspiring.

  • From a global point of view, several ceilings were shattered with the launch of the Chandrayaan 2 Mission. This mission was in succession to Chandrayaan 1 almost ten years after the first mission. It became the first space mission to organize a soft landing on the Moon’s polar region. The mission made India the fourth country to conduct a soft land on the moon and the first to do so in the Moon’s south polar region. The mission involved the use of home grown science technologies which was a first of its kind. These were some remarkable achievements that the second moon mission amassed. With limited resources and capital the mission for Chandrayaan 2 has been truly inspiring in what ISRO has been able to achieve. The vision alone has been impactful for the smaller nations that have been hesitant in their efforts to make any bold space endeavors. Chandrayaan 2 mission has certainly been bold and well organized with the space data and technology perfectly inclined to achieve the results with the minimum input.

  • An amalgamation of all these causes makes Chandrayaan 2 Mission a truly inspiring and impactful endeavor not only for India but for humanity at large.

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Author: Diptesh Das
Published On: 11 September, 2019