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Letter To The Editor | Letter Writing

Letter To The Editor

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The article, “Letter To The Editor“, presents letters written to the editors of the newspapers, stating different issues in the local cities of India.

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Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper describing the state of pollution in your city. Sign yourself as XYZ.

Room no. 31,
Someshwar Nagar,
M. G. Road,
Goregaon West,
Mumbai – 400 401
12 December 2017.

The Editor,
Times of India.

Subject: To highlight the status of pollution in Mumbai.

Respected Sir/Madam,

I, Ms. XYZ, am a resident from Goregaon West and a responsible citizen living in Mumbai. With the above-mentioned subject, I would like to draw your attention to the state of pollution in Mumbai. It is been observed in different forms and is everywhere. The worst thing about it is, that it is spreading uncontrollably.

There are a handful of citizens that take proper precautions like segregate the wet waste and the dry waste, make use of public transportation services whenever possible and avoid using plastic bags. However, their efforts drench in vain because a maximum population belonging to this metropolitan city fails to understand the severity of the situation. It might be due to the busy and rash lives citizens live or maybe due to inadequate awareness and knowledge.

Trash bins are present where four streets meet but not in some interior areas. Due to this, people living in the interior areas deposit waste from their respective homes openly on the streets. Places, where trash bins are available, are not cleared or picked up on a regular basis. The waste piles up and this influences the breeding of mosquitoes and eventually, to diseases.

Instances like the burning of plastic, dry leaves or rubber tires have also been observed. It is a humble request to prepare an awareness chart about the same so that masses can estimate the severity of the problem we’re facing or are about to face.

Thanking You

The Editor
The Telegraph
6, Prafulla Sarkar Street,
Chowringhee North,
Kolkata 700001
Date: 28 December 2019

Subject: Complaint against noise pollution in the city during Durga Puja

Respected Sir,
I would like to draw your attention to the ever-increasing menace of sound pollution within the urban landscape of this metropolitan city. Festivals are dime a dozen in Bengal as it is, add to that the cacophony of loudspeakers blasting day in and out and what we get is a social conundrum replete with misuse of rights and blatant disregard to the laws.

The loud music played 24/7 in every locality conducting a Durga Puja disrupts the daily life of its very residents. Various competitive exams are around the corner and the students are perturbed, to say the least. The incessant noise is impossible to ignore when there are infant babies or ailing elderly in the households who happen to be the most affected through this behavior exhibited by almost all Puja committees.

The Puja Pandals are violating the standard limits of sound given by the Central Pollution Control Board. They are also playing loudspeakers well beyond the permissible hours of 10 PM at night. We as citizens need to be more vociferous in our demands, else the stable urban life stands unguarded and destroyed. I would be really grateful if you could hint at some of the activities that can be taken by both the authorities and also the civil society to curb this problem. Framing rules is just one part of the solution unless we find ways to implement them better.

I hope that you take the necessary editorial approach towards disseminating information pertaining to this huge problem so school children and other students, the elderly, and little children remain out of the way of harm.

I applaud you on covering this issue in the past and shall look forward to reading more about the same in your esteemed newspaper.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
(Student details/ Occupation)

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