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Indian River Projects

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Indian River Projects

Indian River Projects

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The article Indian River Projects present the list of important River Projects that were built in different states across the Country. This article plays a prominent role in GA/GK Preparation in many competitive exams such as IBPS PO, Clerk, SBI PO, Clerk, SSC CGL, OICL, UPSC, TSPSC, Civil Services, Railways etc.

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Below table contains the list of Indian River Projects in alphabetical order:

Project River Beneficiary State
Bansagar Project Son River Bihar
Madhya Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Bargi Project Bargi Madhya Pradesh
Beas Project Beas Haryana
Bhakra Nangal Project Sutlej Punjab
Himachal Pradesh
Bhadra Project Bhadra Karnataka
Bheema Project Pavana River Maharashtra
Chambal Project Chambal River Madhya Pradesh
Damodar Ghati Project Damodar River Jharkhand
West Bengal
Dulhasti Project Chenab River Jammu & Kashmir
Durgapur Barrage Project Damodar River West Bengal
Farakka Project Ganga, Bhagirathi West Bengal
Gandak Project Gandaki River Bihar
Uttar Pradesh
Ganga Sagar Project Chambal River Madhya Pradesh
Ghatprabha Project Ghataprabha River Karnataka
Girna Project Girna Maharashtra
Hasdeo Bango Project Hasdeo River Madhya Pradesh
Hidkal Project Ghataprabha River Karnataka
Hirakud Project Mahanadi Orissa
Idukki Project Periyar River Kerala
Indira Gandhi Canal Project Sutlej Rajasthan
Jawahar Sagar Project Chambal River Rajasthan
Jayakwadi Project Godavari River Maharashtra
Kakrapar Project Tapti River Gujrat
Kangsabati Project Kangsabati River West Bengal
Kol Dam Project Sutlej Himachal Pradesh
Kosi Project Koshi River Bihar
Koyana Project Koyna River Maharashtra
Krishna Project Krishna River Karnataka
Kundah Project kunda river Tamilnadu
Let Bank Ghagra Canal Ganga Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Ganga Canal Ganga Uttar Pradesh
Mahanadi Delta Project Mahanadi Odisha
Malaprabha Project Malaprabha River Karnataka
Mandi Project Vyas River Himachal Pradesh
Matatila Project Betwa Uttar Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh
Mayurakshi Project Mayurakshi River West Bengal
Minimata Bango Hasdeo Project Hasdeo Bango river Madhya Pradesh
Machkund Project Machkund River Andhra Pradesh
Nagarjuna Sagar Project Krishna River Andhra Pradesh
Nagpur Power Project koradi river Maharashtra
Narmada Sagar Project Narmada River Gujarat
Madhya Pradesh
Nathpa Jhakri Project Sutlej Himachal Pradesh
Panama Project Panam river Gujarat
Panchet Project Damodar River Jharkhand
West Bengal
Pong Project Beas River Punjab
Poochampad Project Godavari River Andhra Pradesh
Purna Project Purna River Maharashtra
Rajasthan Canal Project Sutlej, Vyas, Ravi Rajasthan
Ramganga Project Ramganga Uttar Pradesh
Rana Pratap Sagar Project Chambal Rajsthan
Ranjeet Sagar Project Ravi River Punjab
Rihand Project Rihand River Uttar Pradesh
Salal Project Chenab River Jammu & Kashmir
Sardar Sarovar Project Narmada River Madhya Pradesh
Sirhind Project Sutlej Haryana
Sharavati Project Sharavati Karnataka
Sharda Project Sharda, Gomti Uttar Pradesh
Shivasamudram Project Kaveri Karnataka
Sutlej Project Chenab River Jammu & Kashmir
Tawa Project Tawa River Madhya Pradesh
Tehri Dam Project Bhagirathi River Uttarakhand
Tilaiya Project Barakar River Jharkhand
Tulbul Project Chenab River Jammu & Kashmir
Tungabhadra Project Tungabhadra River Andhra Pradesh
Ukai Project Tapti River Gujarat
Upper Penganga Project Painganga River Maharashtra
Uri Power Project Jhelum River Jammu & Kashmir
Vyas Project Vyas River Rajasthan
Himachal Pradesh