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Karnataka Khadi Granodyoga Samyukta Sangha

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Karnataka Khadi Granodyoga Samyukta Sangha

shape Introduction

  • Karnataka Khadi Granodyoga Samyukta Sangha was (KKGSS) established on November 1, 1957.

  • KKGSS was founded by H.A. Pai, Anant Bhatt, B. J. Gokhale, Jayadev Rao Kulkarni, B. H. Inamdar, and Vasudev Rao.

  • The federation was founded to cater the need for growth and development of India Khadi and village industries.

  • KKGSS holds the monopoly for the manufacture of Indian national flag.

  • Since its inception, the federation has made significant progress by expanding its range of products.

shape History

shape Products

National Flag of India:

  • The primary product that is manufactured by KKGSS is the National flag of India following the guidelines set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

  • The standards set by BIS are strict, and the permission to produce the national flag has been granted to KKGSS by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission.

  • Any defects in the flags concerning the color, size, strength of the yarn, thread count, fastness of colors used is subject to fine and even imprisonment.

  • The cloth needed for making the flag is sourced from Bagalkot, a unit of KKGSS. It is divided into three lots for dying it into three primary colors of the flag.

  • Once the cloth is dyed, it is cut into the required size and shape, and the chakra with 24 spokes is printed on the fabric.

  • The process of manufacture involves 100 specialist spinners and 100 weavers who use about 60 Japanese sewing machines to maintain the precision for stitching it.

  • The quality check for the flag is done 18 times, and despite this, there is 10 percent cancellation.

  • The most prestigious cloth or the national flag is made by the poverty-stricken women of the Hubli village.

  • There is a protocol set to fold the flag such that the color does not fade and the flag is not crumbled.

Other Products:

  • Apart from the Indian National flag, KKGSS manufactures khadi clothes, khadi bags, khadi carpets, khadi bedsheets, khadi soaps, khadi caps, processed honey, and handmade paper.

  • KKGSS manufactures tools that are required in dyeing, carpentry, and blacksmithy.

  • KKGSS also has a naturopathy hospital established in its premises.

shape Business

  • The annual turnover of KKGSS is about INR 15 million.

  • Khadi is a symbol of self-reliance. Since independence, it has been worn by Mahatma Gandhi and other eminent leaders.

  • Politicians and people who are associated with politics are the primary customers of KKGSS.

  • The supply of National Flag of India is reserved only for supply to the government agencies, Ministry of Defence, Para Military forces, and other such agencies for official use only.