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Letter to a Friend for Startup

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Letter to a Friend for Startup

Letter to a Friend for Startup

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Write a letter to your friend, to start his own startup.

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D.No 347,
Sneha Apartments,
Andhra Pradesh,
December 15, 2017.

Dear Shashwat,

I hope this letter finds you in the pink of your health – both physically and mentally. I recently went to our hometown. Our native place- Nainital is still as beautiful as it was during our growing years.

During my stay there, I met your parents. In fact, they had invited me for dinner. During our conversation, I learned that you have recently joined a new company as Assistant Manager. Accept my good wishes for your new assignment. However, I have come to know that you are not happy with your professional life and you are still seeking something more challenging and satisfying.

I suggest you start your venture and adorn the hat of an entrepreneur. All through our growing years together, I have realized that you are not cut for the routine 9 to 5 job. Entrepreneurship has its virtues and will satisfy your instinct to derive enthusiasm and creativity from your profession. You are a self- motivated person and quite competitive by nature. I am sure if you start something of your own you will be happy and satisfied both professionally and personally.

These days, our government is also encouraging entrepreneurship through various easy loans, subsidies, consultancy, and training. By starting your venture, you will not only have an occupation that you will enjoy but will also provide job opportunities to several others under you.

Shashwat, in my opinion, entrepreneurship is a service to the nation as well. As an entrepreneur, you can generate employment, add to the national income and eventually bring about social change and economic freedom.
Remember the saying – “A journey of thousand miles, begin with a single step.” Therefore, do not delay instead take the plunge.

Very soon, I will visit you and discuss this idea further.

Till then, take care,


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