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Letter To The Superintendent of Traffic Police

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Letter To The Superintendent of Traffic Police

Letter To The Superintendent of Traffic Police

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Write a letter to the Superintendent of Traffic Police requesting him to install traffic light near the crossing in your locality.

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Room no. 31
Someshwar Nagar,
M. G. Road,
Goregaon West,
Mumbai – 400 401
12 December 2017.

The Superintendent of Traffic Police,

Subject: Installation of traffic lights.

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is XYZ, addressing from M. G. Road, Goregaon West. My matter of concern is mentioned in the above subject.

I live opposite a busy street, a street with bustling lights, honking, and traffic. It was only yesterday when I realized that the street lacked a traffic signal. Now, in a street which is 24/7 busy, the traffic goes chaotic in the absence of a traffic signal. There also exists a school at the end of the street. As a result, when the school begins and shuts, the street becomes crowded with school going children and plus, vehicles. With small children crossing the road, the irregular movement of traffic becomes a risk factor. A couple of pedestrians have their evening walk on the same street.

Recently, a motor – cycle and a bicycle dashed each other while taking a turn. Installing a traffic light shall maintain an order and will influence a sense of lane manners among drivers.

All in all, the residents of M. G. Road request you to install a traffic signal or light as soon as possible to prevent accidents and other issues. It is a local street that is unexpectedly busy and desperately needs a traffic light.

We shall be highly obliged if you would do the needful at it’s earliest.

Thanking You

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