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Delhi Grounds Covered In Smog – Do You Think We Are Safe?

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Delhi Grounds Covered In Smog – Do You Think We Are Safe?

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It Is a Matter of Life and Death of Tens of Millions of People

We come to the land of 1000 languages and 1000 gods. Delhi, which is also known as the land of the National Capital of India (NCT), is the capital of the nation and ranks second in the world in terms of populous cities. While looking at the map of Delhi, one can see that Delhi is surrounded by tactically essential cities and states.

The pollution in the capital of India has aroused great public debate and received international attention. An overview of air quality levels in the area of Delhi on Thursday morning, and how they compare to the situation in recent days.

As the country prepares to welcome the winter, parents in the national capital, like me, are worried. Winter means are no longer heading outside for long walks and shopping, as you can imagine in the summer. With the onset of winter, hitting the alarming pollution index levels leaving everyone from government to citizens worried and clueless.

Much is said about the situation of the alarming air pollution in the capital of our nation. You’ve probably heard or read that “air pollution in Delhi” has increased more than 5-fold in a single year. Reliable or not, you do not need a study or research or news alert informing you of the situation deteriorates. Just get out of Delhi airport should suffice as evidence.

Media coverage of the severe and alarming level of pollution in the cities of Allahabad, Delhi, Ghaziabad, and Noida has led the nation in a desperate state of anarchy. It was quite evident in the recent estimates that our country has a clear majority in listing the ten most polluted cities of all time.

Gone are the days when you can enjoy your drive to work with the windows down. This should tell you that the road to Delhi after the “safety mark” in terms of air pollution levels. There are, however, research and sufficient supporting evidence.

The percentage of particles of pollutants in Delhi was found that 13 times the annual recommendation and 3.5 times the World Health Organization Quality Standard Air India. And India is not a reference when we talk about air quality standards.

When the entire city of New Delhi covered with smog blanket had its reduced visibility and toxic gases lead to spread dangerous diseases rampant in the whole nation; it was expected that if things were worse here than the entire country has suffered numerous losses of human lives and deaths.

The main reason behind the smog was awarded harmful gases emitted into the air by plants and dust from the construction industry during the demolition of a building. In a way, the government seemed reluctant to include the cause of the large amount of air pollution created by burning firecrackers at the Hindu festival Deepawali.

Since the festival is more or less linked to the religious sentiments of the people and any statement or comment could be considered sacrilege by the people. However, in my opinion, the negative effects of these laws need to find his attention in the eyes of the government, and appropriate measures must be taken to reduce their use in nations everywhere.

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What causes Delhi’s air pollution?

There is no reason that you can attribute to this situation. A confluence of various factors and lack of accountability of officials and ignorance among citizens has caused problems to assume epic proportions today.

    • Firecrackers over Diwali

    • Burning trash at night for heat by Delhi’s urban poor

    • Toxic fumes from diesel engines

The main reasons for the thick smog and visibility are uncomfortable temperatures drop in the wind speed and low, which in turn prevents the dispersion of pollutants.

In a recent letter to Education Minister Manish Sisodia, Dr. KK Agarwal of the Indian Medical Association said that “Children are more exposed to the harmful effects of air pollution as their lungs are still growing breathing polluted air can hinder growth lungs leading to respiratory problems later in life”.

When is it safe for children to go out?

En route to the playing time in the nearby park or refreshing jogging is a reality for Delhi’s parents. You must be careful about when you go out, especially with children. You need to arm yourself against pollution by using the best quality air masks with the latest filters. But even this does not guarantee a good output, experts say.

So what should a parent Delhi do now?

There is no doubt that parents need very careful about the environment and outdoor activity plan for their children as much as possible. After spending the weekend in the locked indoors in fear of pollution and intermittent cough, I know it’s easier said than done.

Author: Sai Kiran Naidu
Published: November 11, 2019

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