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RBI Grade B Career Progression

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RBI Grade B Career Progression

shape Introduction

When you reach at a certain age from where you are supposed to choose a permanent path for yourself to earn your living then one must be quite professional and confirmed about his choices on choosing the right career path for himself. So, if you are interested in the banking sector then the posts available at the RBI Grade B are respectable and lucrative at the same time.

Since the Reserve Bank of India has been ranked as the best work place in India thus it becomes more convincing for aspirants to choose this line as their career.

RBI is a bright career option because:

  • Once the candidate gets hired, he/she gets to move into the RBI residence which is usually a 2BHK with all the amenities.

  • If you would also get the fuel allowance.

  • Annual Medical Allowance will be approximately Rs.4500

  • Monthly servant allowance would be Rs.3000

  • RBI does provide you with food and grocery coupons too

  • In addition to all this, you will also get Tour allowances after every 2 years.

shape Job profile

An RBI Grade B officer has got a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders since he is the one who would be directly affecting the lifestyle of every Indian citizen. Therefore, someone who is willing to join this career has to make sure that he is determined and honest towards his work where he has to keep an eagle-eye on the inflation rate. Thus, the working method of an RBI Grade B officer must be proper and well-defined since the position asks for regular and uninterrupted pace of the financial market.

The work profile of an RBI Grade B officer would include direct handling of the country’s treasure that is the India’s finance. An RBI Grade B officer will be having a profile somewhat like:

  • You would be managing various Government and Bank accounts.

  • You will be the one who is supposed to make sure that the circulation of coins and currencies in the system goes smooth.

  • You are expected to have all the basic details and knowledge about the economic condition of the country which would include topics like inflation, deflation, GDP and GNP etc.

  • The major areas that we are expected to look after are the cash vault, Credit Appraisal System of the Bank, KYC (Know Your Customer) AML (Anti Money Laundering) guidelines, information technology Policy and overall security of the branch.

The officers are being given work of major responsibilities thus their working hours have been made quite easier and less stressful so that they might not feel exhausted or work overloaded.

  • Once you are appointed after clearing the exams and interview, you will be given 2 years probation.

  • As an RBI Grade B officer, you are supposed to work for 5 days a week.

  • Your job will be a purely 9-5 one.

shape Career growth

As a young aspirant, if you have been recruited for the Reserve Bank of India Grade B officer then the chances of your promotion to the position of Deputy Governor will be higher once you clear the departmental exams.

The career progression in this section of the banking sector:

  • Governor

  • Deputy governors

  • Executive governors

  • Principal Chief General Managers

  • Chief General Managers

  • General Managers

  • Deputy General Managers

  • Assistant General Managers

  • Managers

  • Assistant Managers

  • Support staff

shape Salary

“With great power come great responsibilities”, similarly with huge responsibilities you get to taste the perks too. This clearly explains that since this profession of an RBI Grade B officer asks for too a responsible person thus it also does provide the equal percentage of facilities and allowances to make their living easier and lavish.

In metropolitan cities, the total cost to company pay package accounts to be approximately Rs. 20 lacs while the salary of an RBI Grade B officer is Rs. 35,150 per month and the gross total comes out to be around Rs. 67,000 per month.