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SBI Clerk JA Prelims Practice Test

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SBI Clerk JA Prelims Practice Test

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Preliminary Examination is important to qualify for the Mains Examination. SBI Clerk JA Prelims Practice & Mock Test section allows candidates to practice the learned material to ensure the candidate understands the pattern of the exam and the expected questions that would appear in the actual test.

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S.No Name Of Test No.of Questions Maximum Marks Duration
1 English Language 30 30 20 Minutes
2 Numerical Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
3 Reasoning Ability 35 35 20 Minutes
Total 100 100 1 Hour

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[Click Here] for SBI Clerk JA Prelims Syllabus

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Directions(1 – 5): Choose a word to be fitted in both the sentences

1. He __________a map of the Caribbean next to the letter, to trace the
ship’s _______.

    A. Unfolded, plan
    B. Unfurled, course
    C. Unrolled, course
    D. Unrolled, fate
    E. Used, course

Answer: C

2. She noisily _________ the water, _________ half of it onto her

    A. Drank, dropping
    B. Inhaled, spilling
    C. Gurgled, slopping
    D. Gurgled, dropping
    E. Gulped, trailing

Answer: C

3. Although they have always done things ______ in the past, the twins felt it was crucial that they experience college ______, and foster a healthy sense of independence.

    A. Closely, collectively
    B. Joyfully, happily
    C. Deceptively, quietly
    D. Individually, independently
    E. Jointly, separately

Answer: E

4. It is ______ for every listed company to _____ its annual financial statements with the registrar of companies.

    A. Necessary, lodge
    B. Binding, pay
    C. Obligatory, file
    D. Possible, remit
    E. Worthwhile, evade

Answer: C

5. ____________dark clouds had been piling up all afternoon in _________layers.

    A. Flourishing, threatening
    B. Healing, menacing
    C. Festering, ominous
    D. Decaying, promising
    E. Rotten, Auspicious

Answer: C

1. Direction: What will come in place of question mark in the following number series?
8, 27, 125, ?, 1331

    A. 512
    B. 216
    C. 81
    D. 343
    E. 169

Answer: D

2. In how many ways can the letters of the word ‘LEADER’ be arranged?

    A. 72
    B. 144
    C. 360
    D. 720
    E. None of these

Answer: C

3. Out of 7 consonants and 4 vowels, how many words of 3 consonants and 2 vowels can be formed?

    A. 210
    B. 1050
    C. 25200
    D. 21400
    E. None of these

Answer: C

Direction: Read the following information and answer the questions that follow:

    (1) There are seven persons A, B, C, D, E, F and G based in Delhi. Each of them is from a different state, has a different profession, and plays a different instrument.
    (2) C, a doctor, is from Bihar.
    (3) E and F play mandolin and violin, though not necessarily in that order.
    (4) A is not from Kerala.
    (5) The person from Kerala is an engineer and plays guitar.
    (6) The lawyer plays sitar.
    (7) The businessman from UP plays violin.
    (8) The teacher and the cricketer play flute and piano, though not necessarily in that order.
    (9) F is a pilot.
    (10) The Maharashtrian is a teacher.
    (11) The Gujarati plays piano.
    (12) G, a Punjabi, does not play sarod.
    (13) B is a cricketer.

1. Which state does A belong to?

    A. Gujarat
    B. Kerala
    C. Maharashtra
    D. Can’t say
    E. None of these

Answer: C

2. Which instrument does B play?

    A. Flute
    B. Piano
    C. Sarod
    D. Can’t say
    E. Sitar

Answer: B

3. Which instrument does C play?

    A. Mandolin
    B. Sitar
    C. Violin
    D. None of these
    E. Sarod

Answer: E

4. What is D’s profession?

    A. Engineer
    B. Lawyer
    C. Teacher
    D. Can’t say
    E. Cricketer

Answer: A

5. Which state does E belong to?

    A. Gujarat
    B. Kerala
    C. UP
    D. Can’t say
    E. None of these

Answer: C

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For SBI Clerk JA Prelims Practice Test: [Click Here]

For SBI Clerk JA Prelims Mock Test: [Click Here]

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To prepare for SBI Clerk JA Prelims 2019, the three main subjects that you need to be excellent at are Numerical Ability, Reasoning Ability and English Language.

Candidates can crack the exam only with the right approach and correct strategy and can also clear the SBI Clerk JA 2019 Prelims examination but remember there is a sectional cut off in SBI Examination.

✦ Tip – 1: Identify the weak areas, for some it may be Quantitative aptitude (maths); for others it may be English. If possible take the help of extra coaching.

✦ Tip – 2: Take online mock tests to see where you stand and what your strengths. Look for reputed online coaching websites for free mock tests.

✦ Tip – 3: If you are repeatedly making the same mistakes, find out what is happening and analyze the mistakes. A reliable coach can help you in this matter.

✦ Tip – 4: Space out your learning in comfortable time slots. It is sufficient to start preparing 2 months before the exam. But allot enough time in the day to the preparation so that you have adequate time to focus on each section of the test.

✦ Tip – 5: This is the most important one. Stay Positive! There will be highs and lows in your journey to preparing for the bank exam. Whatever happens stay focused and don’t give up.

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