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Are 3 months enough for SSC CGL preparation?

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Are 3 months enough for SSC CGL preparation?

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This article describes SSC CGL Exam Preparation plan in 3 months.

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The candidates can able to make a proper plan before 3 months for SSC CGL Exam.

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3 months study plan, General Knowledge, SSC CGL, Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning ability, English language.

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Yes, 3 months is a good time period to crack SSC CGL exam.
This exam compromises of 4 sections in tier 1 phase namely.
1. General knowledge
2. English language
3. Quantitative aptitude
4. Reasoning ability.

General knowledge and English section have to be practised daily alteast for 2-3 hours. these section can be quickly solved if you have good command you can also go through past 5 years papers and start reading English newspaper.

For General knowledge, use Lucent publication’s book supported by an SSC-CGL which contains daily current affairs quiz and practice it on a regular basis.

For Quantitative and Reasoning section, refer R S Agarwal books. They are the most useful. Gather the tricks and use them effectively while solving mock tests. It will enhance your speed and you get familiar with the actual paper settings. Also solve past 5 year question paper and collect the frequently asked questions or on which chapter they have focus.

Regularly solve one question paper with keeping time into consideration or you can also join online coaching and even you can go for online test series.

3 months of regular and rigorous preparation help you for clearing this exam.

shape Key points

  • Daily spend 2-3 hours to practice for SSC CGL
  • Practice past 5 years Question papers.