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IBPS RRB PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 5

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IBPS RRB PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 5

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What is Quantitative Aptitude test?
Quantitative Aptitude is one of the prominent competitive aptitude subjects which evaluates numerical ability and problem solving skills of candidates. This test forms the major part of a number of important entrance and recruitment exams for different fields. The Quantitative Aptitude section primarily has questions related to the Simplification, Numbering Series, and Compound Interest, etc.

A candidate with quantitative aptitude knowledge will be in a better position to analyse and make sense of the given data. Quantitative Aptitude knowledge is an important measure for a prospective business executive’s abilities.

The article IBPS RRB PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 5 provides Quantitative Aptitude questions with answers useful to the candidates preparing for Competitive exams, Entrance exams, Interviews etc. IBPS RRB has released IBPS RRB Officer 2019 Official Notification for Officer Scale(I, II, and II). Quantitative Aptitude plays major role to qualify examination. The article IBPS RRB PO Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 5 will assist the students to know the expected questions from Quantitative Aptitude.

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Q1. Anil reached a place on Friday. He came to know that he was three days earlier than the scheduled day. I f he had reached there on the following Sunday, how many days late/early he would have been?

    A. One day earlier
    B. One day late
    C. Two days late
    D. Two days earlier

Answer: Option A

Day before yesterday was Sunday.
Therefore, today is Tuesday.
Day after tomorrow will be Thursday.
Thursday + 3 = Sunday

2. If the day after tomorrow is Sunday, what day was tomorrow’s day before yesterday ?

    A. Friday
    B. Thursday
    C. Monday
    D. Tuesday

Answer: Option B


The day after tomorrow is Sunday.
Therefore, today is Friday.
The day of tomorrow’s day before yesterday
= Friday – 1 = Thursday

3. Suresh was bom on 4t h Oct ober 1999. Shashikanth was born 6 days before Suresh. The Independence Day of that year fell on Sunday. Which day was Shashikanth bom?

    A. Tuesday
    B. Wednesday
    C. Monday
    D. Sunday

Answer: Option B


Shashikant was born on 29th September 1999.
15th August, 1999 was Sunday. Days upto 29th September from 15 August
16 + 29 = 45 days = 6 weeks 3 old days
Sunday + 3 = Wednesday

4. Reaching a place of appointment on Friday, I found that I was two days earlier than the scheduled day. If I had reached on the following Wednesday, how many days late would I have been?

    A. One day
    B. Two days
    C. Three days
    D. Four days

Answer: Option D

Friday ? 2 days earlier
Therefore, scheduled day = Friday + 2 = Sunday,
Sunday + 3 = Wednesday
Therefore, I would have been late by 4 days including Sunday

5. If two days after day after tomorrow is Sunday, what day was the I day before yesterday?

    A. Wednesday
    B. Tuesday
    C. Monday
    D. Sunday

Answer: Option C

The day after tomorrow would be Friday.
Today is Wednesday.
The day before yesterday was Monday

Q1. The average salary of 90 employees in an organization is Rs.14.500 per month. If the no of executive is twice the no of clerks, then find the average salary of clerk ?

    A. 11,500
    B. 12,000
    C. 13,200
    D. Can’t be determined

Answer: Option D


90 => 2:1=> 60:30
Total Salary = 60*salary of executive +30 * salary of clerk
90*14500 = 60*x + 30*y
X, y not given so we can’t determine

Q2. The average value of property of Agil, Mugilan and Anitha is Rs.130cr. The Property of Agil is 20cr greater than the property value of Mugilan and Anitha property value is 50cr greater than the Agil property value. The value of property of Anitha is

    A. 120cr
    B. 170cr
    C. 100cr
    D. 150cr

Answer: Option B

Explanation :

Property value of Mugilan x
130*3 = x + x + 20 + x + 20 + 50
390 = 3x + 90
3x = 300
X = 100
Anitha = 100 + 20 + 50 = 170

Q3. The average price of 100 mobiles in an electronic shop is Rs.27,000. If the highest and lowest mobiles are sold out then the remaining 98 mobiles average price is 26,400.The cost of lowest mobile is Rs.18,000.Find the cost of highest mobile price

    A. 76500
    B. 94800
    C. 96400
    D. 82000

Answer: Option B

Explanation :
100*27000 – 98*26400 = 27,00,000 – 25,87,200 = 1,12,800
The cost of highest mobile price = 1,12,800 -18,000 = 94800

Q4. There are 10 compartments in passenger train carries on average 15 passengers per compartment. If atleast 15 passengers were sitting in each compartment, no any compartment has equal no of passengers, and any compartment does not exceed the number of average passengers except \({10}^{th}\) compartment. Find how many passengers can be accommodated in \({10}^{th}\) compartment ?

    A. 38
    B. 51
    C. 47
    D. 50

Answer: Option B

Explanation :
No of passengers = 15*10 = 150
15 + 14 + 13 + 12 + 11 + 10 + 9 + 8 + 7 = 99
150 -99 = 51

Q5. In a particular week the average number of people visited the museum is 70. If we exclude the holidays then the average number is increased by 28. Further if we exclude the day which the maximum of 210 visitors visited the museum, then the average become 40.Find the no of holidays in the week

    A. None
    B. None
    C. Three
    D. Two

Answer: Option D

Explanation :
Total no of visitors in a week = 70* 7 = 490
X = no of holidays
Exclude hloidays
(7-x)*98 = 490
7-x = 5
X = 2

1. 20 men can complete a piece of work in 14 days. 7 men started the work and after 20 days, 7 more men joined the work. In how many days the remaining work will be completed?

    A. 18 days
    B. 20 days
    C. 8 days
    D. 10 days

Answer: Option D

Explanation: a + b = 6
Let (7 + 7) complete remaining work in x days. So
20*14 = 7*20 + 14*x
x = 10 days

2. 2 men and 3 women can together complete a piece of work in 4 days and 3 men and 2 women together can complete work in 3 days. In how many days 10 women will complete this work?

    A. 9 days
    B. 6 days
    C. 7 days
    D. 12 days

Answer: Option B

2m + 3w = 4, 3m + 2w = 3
So 4(2m + 3w) = 3(3m + 2w)
8m + 12w = 9m + 6w
6w = 1m
Given 2m + 3w = 4, so 2*(6w) + 3w = 4, so 15 women in 4 days, so 10 women in \({(15*4)}{10 }\) = 6 days

3. Priya take 8 hours to draw 60 pages on a computer while parul takes 6 hours to draw 45 pages on computer. If both are working together in how much time will they draw a lot of 120 pages?

    A. 8hrs
    B. 7hrs
    C. 9hrs
    D. 11hrs

Answer: Option A
First calculate no of pages they draw in one hour. For priya it is 60/8 and for parul it is 45/6.
Now total pages they draw in one hour is \({60}{8 }\) + \({45}{6 }\) = 15
So to print 120 time they will take = 15*X = 120. So X = 8hrs

4. 9 men and 12 women can complete the job in 12 days.In how many days can 3 men and 4 women finish the same job working together ?

    A. 36 days
    B. 42 days
    C. 30 days
    D. 28 days

Answer: Option A

9m + 12w = \(\frac{1}{12}\)
3m + 4w = ?
3(3m + 4w) = \(\frac{1}{12}\)
3m + 4w = \(\frac{1}{36}\)

5. If X, Y and Z can complete a work in 6 days. If X can work twice faster than Y and thrice faster than Z, then the no of days Z alone can complete the work is

    A. 22 days
    B. 11 days
    C. 33 days
    D. 30 days

Answer: Option B

\(\frac{1}{x}\) + \(\frac{1}{2x}\) + \(\frac{1}{3x}\) = \(\frac{1}{6}\)
\(\frac{6+3+2}{6x}\) = 6
\(\frac{11}{6x}\) = 6
X = 11
Z = 3x = 33

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