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Paramarsh Scheme|Objectives|Features

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Paramarsh Scheme|Objectives|Features

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Paramarsh Scheme

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About Paramarsh:

The scheme is for Mentoring especially a younger colleague for National Accreditation and assessment Council (NAAC) Accreditation Aspirant Institutions to promote Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

The plan will be a paradigm shift in the concept of the mentoring institution by another powerful institution to improve their academic performance and allow them to obtain approval focusing in the field of educational aspects, teaching-learning and evaluation, research, innovation, institutional values ​​, and practices, etc.

This Paramarsh Scheme will target 1000 higher education institutions for mentoring with particular emphasis on the quality of UGC listed in " Quality Mandate."

This scheme is not only beneficial to relationship mentee-mentor to the two institutions but also provides quality education to 3.6 crore students who enroll at the Indian higher education system at present.

The system will be optimized by a model Hub and Spoke, in which Mentor institution, called the "Hub" is centralized and will be responsible for guiding the mentee institution through the secondary branches "Spoke" by the services provided to the mentee for self-improvement.

  • The system should have a major impact on the fight against a national challenge of improving the quality of higher education in India.

  • This allows centralized control of operational efficiency, the use of resources to achieve the overall development of the mentee institution.

  • The program will lead to the improvement of the overall quality of mentee institutions and enhance its profile as a result of improved quality of research, teaching, and learning methods.

  • Mentee Institutions will also have greater exposure and faster adaptation best practices.

  • The organization will also smooth the progress of the sharing of knowledge, information, and research collaboration opportunities, and faculty development in institutions mentee.

  • Not only beneficial relationship mentee-mentor to the two institutions but also provide quality education to 3.6 crore students who enroll at the Indian higher education system at present.

  • As part of the program to improve quality standards in the higher education system, top institutions will supervise five non-accredited institutions for the evaluation of quality certification and accreditation (NAAC).

  • The program aims to improve the world ranking of Indian higher education institutions. " The regime will lead to the improvement of the quality of institutions and mentee profile due to the improvement of the quality of research, teaching, and learning methods.

  • The institutions will also mentee greater exposure and faster adaptation best practices, " The official added. NAAC is an autonomous organization that evaluates and accredits higher education institutions in the country.

  • The government gives official information of this regime in GDP. The eligibility for this scheme may also be requested in the UPSC.

  • Institutions must be Indian; any institution located outside the Indian border will not be included in this plan.

  • In this scheme, there may be an educational institution, whether government or institution, supported by the government or privately funded or self-funded institution.

  • It is necessary that all colleges and universities mentor to qualify for the NAAC search. For this NAAC, their score must be 3.26 and above.

  • Any institution recognized by the 2 (f) of the UGC Act, 1956, and 12 B may be eligible for the grant UGC for this purpose.

To Improve the Quality of Higher Education
The main purpose of the introduction of this program is to provide the best higher education in India than in other countries. This can be done by improving the quality of higher education and to help to make it is standard better, where the system is being launched.

Provide Recognition to Institutions
With this consultation plan UGC, institutions will be able to obtain recognition by concentrating in the areas of curriculum, instruction and assessment, research, innovation, values ​​, and institutional practices, etc.

Under this regime, the high schools that failed to meet quality standards NAAC, they now receive mentoring of the best universities and colleges in the country.

Phases System
In the first phase of this program, there will be about 71 universities, and 391 colleges will play the role of mentors and all these universities and colleges have five schools, they will provide mentoring.

Number of beneficiary institutions
His goal was set, in this system, to ensure the supervision of nearly 1,000 higher education institutions.

Hub and Speech model
This plan must be operated by a " model Hub and Speech." According to what will be a mentor the institution, they are called hubs here, and those who receive mentoring are called rays.

Number of Students
In this scheme, 3.6 crore students enrolling in the Indian higher education system receive benefits.

  • To come within the framework of the plan, the schools have to produce key documents that prove their situation in the country.

  • After that, documents that represent the type of institution need to be produced before the authority.

  • A detailed report of the investigation will be conducted to evaluate the mode of education.

  • Moreover, the institution must submit their own reports about their teaching method, the number of students, and other facilities to the authority.

  • Regarding monitoring, college or university wishing to mentor should submit their documents that validate their level in the education sector.

  • In this way, the program was launched by NAAC to promote the level of higher education in India. It is expected that in the educational institutions in the country, the level of training will be better. It is expected that soon India will become a hub of higher education in South Asia, and will be able to compete with the West in terms of quality of education.

Do you know the name of a well-designed scheme of the Mentor-Mentee relationship?
University Grants Commission (UGC) Paramarsh Yojana

When UGC announced the first batch of mentor institutions under its ' Paramarsh' scheme?
July 2019

Do you know the person who launched Paramarsh Scheme?
Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’

Who is the Responsible department behind Paramarsh Scheme?
Departments Ministry of Human Resources

Author: Sai Kiran Naidu
Published: October 16, 2019

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