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What is Reservation – A Boon or Bane?

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What is Reservation – A Boon or Bane?

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What is Reservation?
The Country we live in is independent and people are gifted with democratic rule. There is a right to freedom and liberty to use this freedom in an equal way. It is important to ensure that equality is carried out in the segment of society. A social system in India can be divided into many classes as per Social and Economic status. Among those, upper-caste people with low or medium-income are the sufferers of the reservation system and are frustrated towards the unfair system established by the government.

Reservation is a scheme that segregates the society resulting in conflicts and discrimination among the various classes. Legally, a percentage of seats are reserved in state and union civil services, government departments, and public sector units for people from backward communities. When the Reservation System was introduced, it was included in the Constitution only as a clause and was planned to be removed with the upliftment of downtrodden. At first, when this clause was drafted in the Constitution, it was decided to execute the reservation system for 10 years. Nevertheless, the politicians found a loophole and have been extending this clause for their own profit.

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What is Reservation? – History of Reservation System
It was in 1947 when India achieved independence and Dr. B.R. Ambedkar headed the Indian Constitution’s drafting committee. It was during this time when the debate on the concept of reservation started and the timeline was then decided consequently. Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Scheduled Caste (SC) were categorized and 27% of reservation was provided. There was a noble cause behind the formation of the reservation system although it was challenged with strong reforms and resistance.

The reservation system was not only restricted to the political arena but it was extended with various comprehensive schemes envisaged by the Indian Constitution.

  • Provision of ameliorative structures such as loans, grants, scholarships, health care, land allotments and legal assistance to Women, SC/ST and Other Backward Classes
  • Quotas in educational institutions and government jobs
  • Safeguard of vulnerable groups from exploitation and oppression
  • The endowment of certain services and expenditures economically weaker sections of the society

What is Reservation? – Reservation as a Boon
Reservation system helps people from socially and economically weaker sections to obtain job opportunities and admissions in educational institutions operated by the government. This means that students from backward classes gain added benefit in obtaining higher education.

Consequently, people from lower caste gain more opportunities which give them a better chance to structure a better future not only for them but for the upcoming generations too. It is also a step to eliminate the economic and social disparities in the nation and move a step ahead in the path of a balanced social system.

What is Reservation? – Reservation as a Bane
Reservation system in India has been working in favor of backward caste society people. However, it has led to several disputes in the nation, especially, in surpassing merit when deserved candidates are unable to get the admissions or jobs they deserve as the seat goes to candidates belonging to backward classes in the name of reserved quota. Politicians play their game to acquire more votes from backward classes and hence strongly support reservation system. This has led to a negative impact on people from upper caste with low income and who have the potential to gain the seat. It has become a fact that opportunities are given to people on the basis of caste rather than merit.

What is Reservation? – Conclusion
In the Education System, the policy of reservation has an impact on a few candidates who get the opportunity to move on to a better life. Nonetheless, the dreams of many deserving candidates have been crushed as they are unable to access the seats reserved. Hence, reservation must be used for only impoverished people and not for lower caste people.

Family of soldiers, handicap, migrants from Kashmir and people with low or no income must be ensured a reserved seat if they adhered to study and work. There must be no obligation on the basis of the majority or minority or religion or caste as it going on at present causing a foremost drawback in development. Thus, people should work with the government and government should act in the public interest to ensure a reservation is perceived as a boon rather than a bane.

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