RPF SI Instructions

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RPF SI Instructions

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RPF SI Instructions is a comprehensive guide pertaining to various aspects of the RPF SI Test day and Test Centers of the Online examinations. Candidates are strongly advised to read the instructions carefully to get acquainted with all the elements of the RPF SI Recruitment process.

shape Instructions

Candidates allowed to enter the examination hall/room will be required to mark presence as prescribed which will form the basis for the absentees’ statement. Signature and biometric thumb impressions of both thumbs of all candidates appearing will be obtained as proof of appearing in the CBT test.

After entering respective halls/rooms, candidates will take their allotted seats. Candidates will be strictly prohibited from bringing into examination halls/ rooms any book or part of book, paper, calculator, mobile phones, gadgets of any description or from communicating from each other or from communicating with any person outside the examination hall/room. CCTV surveillance/ videography of every hall/room of the centre shall be conducted in such a manner that the face of the candidate is captured during the examination to obviate the possibility of impersonation.

Candidates will fill their roll numbers and other particulars as specified at the appropriate places provided for this purpose.

  • Electronic gadgets like mobile phones, bluetooth, pen drive, laptops, calculators, and wrist watches or any other communication devices or pen/pencils are strictly NOT allowed inside the hall.

  • Any infringement of this instruction shall entail summary rejection besides legal action including debarment from future examinations.

  • Therefore, candidates are advised in their own interest not to bring any of the banned items including mobile phones, etc to the venue of the examination, as arrangements for safe keeping cannot be assured.

  • The term Ex-serviceman means a person who has served in any rank (whether as a Combatant or Non-Combatant) in the regular Army, Navy or Air Force of the Indian Union but does not include a person who has served in the Defence Security Crops., the General Reserve Engineering Force, the Lok Sahayak Sena and the Para Military Forces.

      a. Who either has been retired or relieved or discharged from such service whether at his own request or being relieved by the employer after earning his or her pension; (or)

      b. Who has been relieved from such service on medical grounds attributable to military service or circumstances beyond his control and awarded medical or other disability pension: (or)

      c. Who has been released from such service as a result of reduction in establishment; (or)

      d. Who has been released from such service after completing the specific period of engagement, otherwise than on his own request, or by way of dismissal, or discharge on account of misconduct or inefficiency and has been given a gratuity and includes personnel of the Territorial Army, namely, pension holders for continuous embodied service or broken spells of qualifying service;(or)

      e. Personnel of Army Postal service who are part of Regular Army and retired from the Army Postal Service without reversion to their parent service with pension, or are released from the Army Postal Service on medical grounds attributed to or aggravated by military service or circumstances beyond their control and awarded
      medical or other disability pension; (or)

      f. Personnel who were on deputation in Army Postal Service for more than six months prior to 14th April 1987; (or)

      g. Gallantry award winners of the Armed forces including personnel of Territorial Army; or

      h. Ex-recruits boarded out or relieved on medical ground and granted medical disability pension w.e.f. 01.02.2006.

  • Persons serving in the Armed Forces of the union, who on retirement from service would come under the category of Ex-servicemen, are eligible to apply for reemployment one year before the completion of the specific terms of engagement and avail themselves of all concessions available to Ex-Servicemen but such persons shall not be permitted to leave the uniform until they complete the specific terms of engagement in the Armed Forces of the Union.

    Candidates must have completed minimum 6 months of continuous service after attestation to be treated as ESM.

    Accordingly, such serving Defence personnel to be released within one year of the last date of the Employment Notice (on or before 30.06.2019) can also apply, both for vacancies for Ex-servicemen and for posts not reserved for them.

  • Ex-servicemen candidates who have already secured civil employment under Central Government in Group C & D after availing of the benefits given to ExServicemen will be permitted only the benefit of age relaxation as prescribed for Ex-servicemen for securing another civil employment in a higher grade or cadre in Group C/D under Central Government. Such candidates will not be considered against the vacancies reserved for Ex-servicemen in the Central Government jobs.

  • If an Ex-servicemen applies for various vacancies before joining any Civil employment, he/she can avail the benefit of reservation as Ex-Serviceman for any subsequent employment, subject to the condition that an Ex-Serviceman, as soon as he joins any Civil employment, should give self declaration/undertaking to the concerned employer about the details of application against this Employment Notice. The acknowledged copy of this declaration along with NOC from the Civil employer should be produced during DV failing which their candidature shall stand cancelled. Further, this benefit would be available only in respect of vacancies which are filled on direct recruitment and wherever reservation is applicable to the Ex-Servicemen.

  • Definition of “Ex-servicemen” does not include retired/discharged personnel of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) and Central Police Organisations (CPOs). Candidates applying against Ex-servicemen category should produce all documentary proofs including Category Certificates in the prescribed format during Document Verification (DV).

  • The medical Standard of Ex-serviceman will be according to Para 534 of Indian Railway Medical Manual (IRMM) Volume I, which may be accessed at Indian Railways

  • Beware of touts and job racketeers trying to deceive by false promises of securing job in Railways either through influence or by use of unfair and unethical means. CRC has not appointed any agent or coaching centre for action on its behalf. Candidates are warned against any such claims being made by persons/agencies. Candidates are selected purely as per merit. Please beware of unscrupulous elements and do not fall in their trap. Candidates attempting to influence Central Recruitment Committee, directly or indirectly, shall be disqualified and legal action can be initiated against them.

  • Candidates are advised to consult only the official website of Indian Railways as mentioned in the notification above. They should be cautious of FAKE websites put up by unscrupulous elements/touts.