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This Article describes about the major differences between the salaries, perks and Benefits and Future growth of SSC CGL vs SBI PO.

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The candidates can able to get an idea which is best between SSC CGL and SBI PO.

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SSC CGL vs SBI PO: Salary
There is not much disparity between the two in terms of the salary between the two, but since in case of SBI PO job you face regular transfers and posting after a period of time so henceforth a part of your income will be used in relocating your place and for covering other expanses. As a PO in SBI you are entitled to receive Rs.37,000 – 40,000/ month.

SSC CGL vs SBI PO: Perks and Benefits
SSC CGL provides the following benefits:

Dearness Allowance and Pension Scheme Contribution Pension Scheme/New Pension Scheme
House Rent Allowance Home Travel Concession/ Leave Fare Concession
Transport Allowance Concessional interest rates for Housing/Car/Personal Loans
Cash Medical Benefit and Group Mediclaim Medical Aid for self (100%) and for family (75%)

So, as per this criteria, SSC CGL vs SBI PO is approximately equal.

SSC CGL vs SBI PO: Future Growth

Promotions in SSC happen every 4-5 years. As per your post you will be promoted to the next higher level. Promotions in SBI happen every 2-3 years in the following scale:
Auditor will become Senior Auditor in 3 years. PO
Assistant Enforcement Officer will become Enforcement Officer in 4-5 years. Assistant Manager
Income Tax Officer will become Assistant Commissioner, then Deputy Commissioner and Finally Commissioner. Branch Manager
Assistant in CSS will be promoted to the next post – SO (which is a Group-B Gazetted Officer post) and can go upto Joint Secretary. AGM, GM

Promotions in SBI is faster as the Banking Policies ensure a steady procedure for promoting a probationary officer at regular time period. On the other hand in SSC CGL, all depends upon your concerned department Insurance Sector follows a non-proactive promotion policy.

shape Key points

  • The promotions in SSC CGL will happen for every 4-5 years.
  • Assistant enforcement officer will become enforcement officer in 4-5 years.
  • The perks and Benefits and salaries are almost equal in SSC CGL and SBI PO.