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Comparison of the SSC CGL and UPSC job.

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UPSC, SSC CGL, Math, CSAT, Bank PO, RBI Grade B, IIT, CAT, IITians, IAS.

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1: UPSC is an exam which seeks to recruit administrators. They want policymakers and policy executors. They don’t want any Mathematicians or High IQed persons there. Math’s as a general subject is highly irrelevant to UPSC. People who understand their country, society, who have the vision and goals to run administration are required. Mathematics clearly isn’t the need of UPSC. Still basic numeracy is asked in CSAT.

2: UPSC is a lot more important exam than SSC. UPSC is older. Civil services have been there since British times. It has always been an exam for humanities subjects because they are better tools to recruit people rather than Math’s in this field. Instead of asking why UPSC doesn’t introduce math’s, ask why SSC doesn’t introduce written papers of humanities. SSC +2, CGL, BANK PO, Clerk, RBI Grade B almost every exam in India has Math’s. Which is stupid. There is no use of math’s in the job. Math’s should be the last thing to be tested for these exams. Math’s should be basic and of qualifying nature. Only science related exams such as IIT, BITS and some economics exams must be FULLY mathematical. Math’s is the soul of these exams.

3: Math’s is different kind of subject. People can either do it, or cannot do it. They cannot be trained beyond a small extent for mathematics. And though it is 10th level math in SSC, the speed matters. 30–40 lack people and huge unemployment of India has made the competition very tough. Some people are quick. Others can’t match the speed. Speed is innate.

4:People who are bad at math, are just, bad. Math’s is a genetic gift. That is the reason why IITians clear CAT without even studying mathematics properly. Others can’t do it even after preparing it. And fear that day when IITians would start participating in SSC CGL, cut off will rise even higher and they will finish the Math’s tier two paper in 1 hour only.

5: Math’s gives some people undue advantage and some people are given undue disadvantage. But if they get this advantage in every other exam, then people from other backgrounds would be butchered.

6: It’s like telling them, “Don’t bother filling the forms of various exams, you’re already a shitty person”

7: While humanities and arts subjects are the subjects everyone can do. Both arts people and both engineers. They are beautiful subjects. Very interesting. They create a level playing field.

8: People who want Math’s in IAS just say so because they don’t want to take the pain to go through the vast course of UPSC. Math’s comes natural to them, that’s why they want it there. Even if someone is not good at math, he can still be a very good IAS, a very good administrator, even a very good income tax inspector. (CGL) Our PM also is not a very talented math’s person. But he understands people, he is a visionary leader, brilliant policymaker. That’s why he is the best administrator of the country. IAS officers help him in this.

9: Still, I’d say there are many weaknesses in the UPSC selection process, like the optional subjects, but whatever course is there right now, it is better than a Math’s exam.

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  • Math’s is a genetic gift. That is the reason why IITians clear CAT without even studying mathematics properly.
  • UPSC is more reputed and older than SSC.