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Federal Bank Officers General Awareness

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Federal Bank Officers General Awareness

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Federal Bank Officers Scale-I 2018 – Online Aptitude Test, conducted in online Mode, has: a duration of 1 hour 30 minutes, a total of 150 questions, a maximum score of 150 marks, and consists of 6 sections, namely – Verbal Ability/ English Language; Logical Aptitude/ Reasoning; Quantitative/ Numerical Ability; General, Socio-economic & Banking; Computer Awareness and Digital Banking. The 6 sections are not separately timed and the questions can be attempted in any order but within the given time duration.

There is a Negative marking in Federal Bank Officers Online Aptitude Test and 0.25 marks are deducted for each wrong answer. The online aptitude test will be followed by a psychometric questionnaire for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The below sections gives the detailed information about Federal Bank Officers General, Socio-economic & Banking (General Awareness).

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S.No. Name of the Test Number of
1 Verbal Ability/ English Language 30 30 Composite time of
90 minutes for all
the tests together*
2 Logical Aptitude/ Reasoning 30 30
3 Quantitative/ Numerical Ability 30 30
4 General, Socio-economic & Banking 25 25
5 Computer Awareness 20 20
6 Digital Banking 15 15
Total 150 150

The Federal Bank Officers General Awareness section in the Online Aptitude Test, has a total of 25 questions for 25 marks. Below mentioned are the different categories of expected questions in the Online Aptitude Test of Federal Bank Officers General Awareness Section.

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Click Here – Federal Bank Officers Exam Syllabus

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1. The National Khadi Festival 2018 was held in which city?

    A. Mumbai
    B. Bengaluru
    C. New Delhi
    D. Ahmedabad

Answer: Option(A)

2. Which state government has launched its own food security scheme to cover those left out from NFSA?

    A. Madhya Pradesh
    B. Uttar Pradesh
    C. Odisha
    D. Jharkhand

Answer: Option(C)

3. Barham Salih has been newly elected as the President of which nation?

    A. Iran
    B. Israel
    C. Iraq
    D. Turkey

Answer: Option(C)

4. The third highest national flag was unfurled recently in which city?

    A. New Delhi
    B. Guwahati
    C. Bengaluru
    D. Siachen

Answer: Option(B)

5. Who has been elected as the President of Hockey India?

    A. Gyanendro Ningombam
    B. Asima Ali
    C. Bhola Nath Singh
    D. Mohd Mushtaque Ahmad

Answer: Option(D)

6. Which city has launched India’s first flood forecasting and early warning system (FFEWS)?

    A. Kochi
    B. Vishakhapatnam
    C. Thiruvananthapuram
    D. Kolkata

Answer: Option(D)

7. Which alcohol control initiative has been launched by the World Health Organization (WHO), recently?

    A. UNAC
    B. SAFER
    D. UN-PROF

Answer: Option(B)

8. According to UNCTAD’s latest report “Trade and Development Report”, which is India’s GDP growth forecast for 2018?

    A. 7.7 per cent
    B. 6.8 per cent
    C. 7.5 per cent
    D. 7.0 per cent

Answer: Option(D)

9. India’s first methanol-based alternative cooking fuel is going to be established in which state?
A. Kerala
B. Assam
C. Punjab
D. Uttar Pradesh
Answer: Option(B)

10. India’s first AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy is to be set up in which city?

    A. Jaipur
    B. Thiruvananthapuram
    C. Baroda
    D. Guwahati

Answer: Option(A)

11. The Union Cabinet approved MoU between India and which country on bilateral cooperation in the road transport and road industry?

    A. France
    B. Russia
    C. Spain
    D. Japan

Answer: Option(B)

12. The Union Cabinet approved the implementation of Metro Rail Project comprising Ring Line of length 31.55 Km from Bengali Square to Patasia in which city?

    A. Indore
    B. Bhopal
    C. Kanpur
    D. Ranchi

Answer: Option(A)

13. Which state government has recently launched its own food security scheme to cover the poor people who left out of the National Food Security Act (NFSA)?

    A. Odisha
    B. Assam
    C. Maharashtra
    D. Goa

Answer: Option(A)

14. India has been ranked 5th along with which of the following countries in pictorial warnings on cigarette packets, according to latest Canadian Cancer Society report?

    A. Indonesia and Malaysia
    B. Nepal and Vanuatu
    C. Hong Kong and Thailand
    D. Timor Leste and Brazil

Answer: Option(C)

15. India’s tallest National flag from the average city elevation has recently installed in which city?

    A. New Delhi
    B. Guwahati
    C. Gandhi Nagar
    D. Odia

Answer: Option(B)

16. Thampi Kannanthanam, who passed away recently, was associated to which of the following regional cinemas?

    A. Tamil
    B. Malayalam
    C. Telugu
    D. Odia

Answer: Option(C)

17. The joint Multi – National Maritime Exercise “IBSAMAR 2018” has kicked off in which country?

    A. India
    B. Brazil
    C. South Africa
    D. South Korea

Answer: Option(C)

18. What is the theme of the 2018 International Day of Older Persons?

    A. Tapping the Talents of Older Persons in Society
    B. Take a Stand Against Ageism
    C. Celebrating Older Human Rights champions
    D. Sustainability and Age Inclusiveness in the Urban Environment

Answer: Option(C)

19. Who will head the Group of Ministers (GoM) to examine modalities for ‘calamity tax’ under GST?

    A. Ravi Shankar Prasad
    B. Narendra Singh Tomar
    C..Suresh Prabhu
    D. Sushil Modi

Answer: Option(D)

20. The Mahatma Gandhi International Sanitation Convention (MGISC) has recently concluded in which city?

    A. Gandhi Nagar
    B. New Delhi
    C. Kanpur
    D. Ahmedabad

Answer: Option(B)

21. Which of the following public sector banks has the largest number of branches in foreign countries?

    A. Bank of India
    B. Bank of Baroda
    C. Punjab National Bank
    D. Corporation Bank

Answer: Option (B)

22. Which of the following terms is used in the banking field?

    A. Interest rate swap
    B. Input devices
    C. Sedimentary
    D. Zero Hour

Answer: Option (A)

23. Who is the author of the book “Das Kapital?”

    A. Vikram Seth
    B. Karl Marx
    C. Indira Gandhi
    D. V.S.Naipal

Answer: Option (B)

24. US Federal Communications Commission has voted _____ net neutrality.

    A. For
    B. Against
    C. Neither for nor against
    D. 50-50 for and Against

Answer: Option (A)

25. Where has the world’s biggest automated container terminal been set up?

    A. Shenzhen
    B. Shanghai
    C. Sichuan
    D. None of the above

Answer: Option (B)

26. The Indian Institute of Horticultural Research is located at which among the following places?

    A. Bhopal
    B. Jaipur
    C. Lucknow
    D. Bangalore

Answer: Option (D)

27. Which state government has launched the subsidized power scheme ‘Sambal’?

    A. Gujarat
    B. Rajasthan
    C. Madhya Pradesh
    D. Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option (C)

28. Which committee recommended 5-pronged resolution approach to deal with NPA cases?

    A. Sunil Mehta Committee
    B. S. Mundra Committee
    C. K Sahani Committee
    D. Saranjeet Committee

Answer: option (A)

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