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Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 235

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Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 235

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A Newspaper is a printed or online publication that provides readers with news and articles i.e. the current affairs of a country and the world. Current Affairs play a prominent role in several government-related recruitment exams in India. To better understand the current state of affairs, a candidate should acquire rich vocabulary primarily used by editors and publications of newspaper articles and editorials. SPLessons has made an effort to provide a comprehensive list of commonly used words in newspaper articles and editorials. Current Affairs Vocabulary Day 235 provides the readers with a collection of useful vocabulary for newspapers.

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Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Protracted(Adjective) lasting for a long time or longer than expected or usual.
  • prolonged
  • extended
“The mandible is protracted and retracted in chewing.”
Trailblazing(Adjective) introducing new ideas or methods; innovative or pioneering.
  • innovative
  • radical
“It’s a trailblazing result, ” says astrophysicist Sara Seager of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.”
Harping(Verb) talk or write persistently and tediously on (a particular topic).
  • reiterate
  • repeat
“He’s always harping on about lack of discipline”
Blatant(Adjective) (of bad behavior) done openly and unashamedly.
  • flagrant
  • glaring
“The whole episode was a blatant attempt to gain publicity.”
Unleashing(verb) release (a dog) from a leash.
  • release
  • set free
“Other parishioners were wary of unleashing political passions in the parish.”

Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Encumbrance(Noun) an impediment or burden.
  • obstruction
  • hindrance
“I felt I was being an encumbrance to them.”
Alienated(adjective) experiencing or inducing feelings of isolation or estrangement.
  • disgruntle
  • disaffect
“The Prime Minister’s policy alienated many of her followers.”
Unhindered(Adjective) not hindered or obstructed.
  • non-stop
  • straight
“He was able to pass unhindered through several military checkpoints.”
Castigated(Verb) reprimand (someone) severely.
  • rebuke
  • reprimand
“He castigated himself for being so stupid.”
Evangelize (noun) to try to convert (a group or area) to a different religion (especially Christianity).
  • lecture
  • platitudinize
  • preach
  • preachify
“The missionaries set out to evangelize the world.”

Word Definition Synonyms Usage
Reprisal (Noun) an act of retaliation.
  • prolonged
  • extended
“He felt secure enough in his information that he announced his opinion on the matter without fear of reprisal.”
Concurrence (noun) the fact of two or more events or circumstances happening or existing at the same time.
  • counterattack
  • retaliation
  • coincidence
“Because the events ran in concurrence, the coordinator could not attend both parties at the same time.”
Culmination (noun) the highest or climactic point of something, especially as attained after a long time.
  • climax
  • pinnacle
  • peak
“Their arrest was the culmination of an operation in which 120 other people were detained.”
Farrago (noun) a confused mixture.
  • mishmash
  • jumble
  • hodgepodge
  • turmoil
“ The present gun law is a farrago of nonsense as most of it is unenforceable.”
Pluralism (noun) the quality or state of being plural
  • more than one
  • multiple
  • double
“He spoke of the benefits of cultural pluralism.”

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